Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lady Gaga cries in Ottawa, Canada!

Yes Canada, where I'm originally from Ottawa, ontario Canada made singer Lady Gaga cry last night as she performed her conert tour there. The crowd sings Happy Birthday to Lady Gaga and she cries. Fans also sign along to Lady Gaga's most famous song "PokerFace". Such a great song and I love to play poker. What can you say Canadians are the best and respect all comers. Funny thing is last week I met fellow Ottawa born canadian Alanis Morissette. This is the way you should treat your fans Alanis, with warmth! Go Lady Gaga go, come back to Ottawa, Canada anytime! As you can see the fans absolutely love you. Check out the great clip of the action from last night below

Friday, March 27, 2009

Watch Ashton Kutcher suffer in pain

Here is Demi Moore's boytoy Ashton Kutcher suffering in pain as he waxes his chest hair. How did this guy ever land Demi Moore? Watch this funny clip below of Ashton screaming like a little _______.

Kellie Pickler sings with Taylor Swift(AND ITS GOOD)

Former American Idol Kellie Pickler has a new song called Best Days Of Your Life. Kellie sings this song with fellow singer Taylor Swift and having just had my first listen the song seems to be pretty good. I actually had the chance to watch Kellie perform live back when she was on Idol and she was one of my favorites from that year. This song might even make its way up to #1 on the billboard charts. Watch Kellie Pickler below rock out with Taylor Swift. Then let me know if you like the new song!

Pheobe Price fights with Homeless lady

Well this is just one of the funniest video I've seen in a while. Pheobe Price who is usually out working the camera's on Robertson Blvd gets into a confrontation with a Homeless Lady. I hope these 2 ladies meet again soon to entertain the public with more funny antics. Who do you think would win in a fight Pheobe Price or the homeless lady? I'm going with the Homeless Lady! CHECK OUT THE CLIP IT DOESN"T dissapoint

Alanis Morissette fan comment

UPDATE: my anonymous fan has once again contacted me, read the latest comment on this story, Let me know if you wanna post your photo with ALanis that you took on my blog, you still would own the rights, i would do a story with it. thanks for reading!

To the anonymous fan who keeps leaving me messages. Check the Alanis Morissette comment to see what this person left as a comment. First off I did not want an autograph of her on my arm that is someone else that I know that gets celebrity autographs made into tattoo's. What I wanted was a picture with her because I was a fan of hers way back when she was an up and comer. I saw Alanis years ago perform at a Canadian football game of the Ottawa Roughriders singing her first song that put her on the map. AND NO its not from Jagged little Pill cd its before that. Having been blown off for a photo on the way in I knew she would not sign on the way out and definately would not stop to take a photo now that paparazzi cameras were everywhere. When I caught her arrival there were only 4 people, myself, 2 graphers and one photographer. I have seen Alanis now a few times out and about and I can saw from my experiences that she is not very friendly. I still liked her but after this last time, I no longer like her. So make sure you read the story, watch the video and then leave your comments. And i also don't stalk the celebrities I go to public outings and get pictures or video of them there. All the best my anonymous friend and I look forward to hearing back from you even if you don't know what your talking about!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alanis Morissette is a complete diva

Yesterday on March 25,2009 I had the chance to see fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette. I caught her arriving to the Larry King Live show and was hoping to get a picture with her since we are both originally from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Alanis signed for 2 graphers on the way in and when I told her I was from Ottawa, she went "Oh Really" and proceeded to walk in. On the way out I decided just to shoot video of the DIVA. Alanis came out ignored the autograph people, smiled and gave a quick wave and then got in her limo. I was telling her to say hi to Max Keeping a local news cast anchor from Ottawa. I used to be a fan of hers but after seeing how she is in real life up close with her fans its a wonder this has been has any fans left. Good luck trying to sell future music Alanis with that attitude!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denise Richards has her dancing shoes burned

So last night I caught Denise Richards arriving to a tv show taping after being voted off Dancing with the Stars. Denise was looking super sexy on this evening. While at the tv talk show Denise had her Dancing shoes from Dancing with the Stars set on fire. I feel bad for Denise, she obviously went on Dancing with the Stars to try and ignite her career again. Her reality show "It's Complicated" was a bust(let's hope the second season is better then the first) and with no acting work going on Dancing with the Stars was to help in that department. I think America had it wrong by voting off Denise, there are numerous worse dancers on the show. Well I shot video of Denise and took a great picture of her looking sexy in a yellow dress. You can view both by checking out my Let me know if you think Denise deserved to last longer then she did.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spotting Celebs in Los Angeles

So your taking a trip to Los Angeles, California and are hoping to spot some celebrities. Well, there are many options to finding celebs out in Los Angeles. One of the best spots to spot a celebrity is at a local starbucks or CoffeeBean. You can visit a star unveiling or movie premiere if there is one going on. This is always the most easiest way to see celebrities. Usually most are friendly at these type of events because they are promoting something. You can always visit Robertson blvd where numerous celebrities attend The Ivy restaurant or News Room Cafe for lunch. Also while on Robertson you might catch someone famous shopping at Kitsons. Perhaps you wanna go by the beautiful beaches of Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu. These are always celebrity hangout on Hot Los Angeles summer days. You'll have to be good at spotting on the beaches though. At night you can catch celebrities arriving to numerous LA restaurants, including Katsuya, Beso, Mr.Chows, Dan Tana's, Madeo. That is just a small list. If you see autograph collectors and or paparazzi you can bet someone is usually inside. Remember most collectors and paparazzi wont reveal who is inside because they don't want you to block there shot when the celebrity comes out. Anyways, best of luck spotting a celebrity while out in Los Angeles. If you take a picture of them and wanna share it fans of my site feel free to email it into me.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Paris Hilton caught at nightclub with Amanda Bynes sloppy seconds

Last night I caught the one and only Blonde Heiress Paris Hilton arriving and leaving from a new Hollywood hotspot. When Paris arrived she took along her new boytoy Doug Reinhardt. Doug used to date actress Amanda Bynes. Now because it was Paris there was a huge amount of paparazzi. I decided to shoot video of the whole madness as you can see Paris arriving. Doug was there but I'm not even sure I managed to get him in the video as all you could see was bright lights and flashes from all the camera's. You can also see the departure of Paris with all the same drama. Check out the link to watch the video for yourself
If you have anything to say about either Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes or Doug Reinhardt feel free to express your opinions on them.

Mario Lopez needs to be Saved from crazy fan

Extra Extra, last night on March 19,2009 I caught Extra tv host Mario Lopez leaving the Katsuya restaurant down in Hollywood,california. Now Mario is best remembered as Slater on the tv show Saved by the Bell. Some people will also remember that Mario was on Dancing with the Stars. When Mario finally decides to leave he is greeted by a big group of paparazzi which is usual. What happens next is totally crazy and Mario basically gets ambushed by a crazy fan who wanted to have her photo taken with Mario Lopez. Now funny thing is Mario was willing to do it but all the paparazzi didn't want to shoot a picture with her camera. Mario decides he can't wait and is about to leave then she tries again. You'll have to follow the link to my video of the whole crazy ordeal and check out for yourself if the fan finally got her photo with the one and only Mario Lopez. Follow this link.
Once you check out the funny video clip make sure you leave comments letting me know what you think of this fan.

Emma Roberts looking stylish as she leaves Katsuya restaurant

Last night after Lauren Conrad left Katsuya restaurant I caught another celebrity leaving. This time it was young actress Emma Roberts. Emma is the daughter to actor Eric Roberts. Emma has a very famous aunt Julia Roberts. Emma looked very stylish as she was leaving the restaurant. I managed to snap off 2 great pictures of the young starlet and both of them can be seen by following the link.
Let me know if you like the 2 pictures that I took of Emma on March 19,2009

Lauren Conrad of The Hills has supper at Katsuya

So I've been a big fan of Lauren Conrad's since the Hills took to the airwaves a few years ago. Last night I decided to go check out famous eatery Katsuya to see who I could catch arriving. Well as me and a fellow paparazzi were there for about 30 mins of so and having seen no one we caught someone famous coming out. It was known other then Lauren Conrad. Lauren was looking sexy as ever as she came down the stairs. As soon as my friend started to shoot pictures she hurried to her car. I captured one great picture of her while she signed an autograph for one lucky collector. You can view the picture by following the link
Please leave comments if you like the picture after you check it out.

John Cena down in Hollywood

So last night on March 19,2009 I managed to catch WWE wrestler John Cena arriving to do a tv show taping to promote his movie 12 Rounds. John's most famous line in wrestling is the Champ is Here, this was the first time I got to meet John in person and he was super cool dude. I shot video of his encounter with fans and you can see it over at

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jenna Jameson is now a momma to twins

Retired Pornstar Jenna Jameson is now a proud momma to twins. Jenna had former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz's babies. Below is the video when I met Jenna Jameson out at a Hollywood movie premiere for Sleepwalking. Let's hope Jenna gets alot of sleep because she is gonna be busy with the twins.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chuck Lorre star unveiling photos

I just got back from the Chuck Lorre star unveiling held today down in Hollywood,california on March 12,2009. I got pictures of Chuck Lorre, Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Sara Gilbert, Johnny Galecki. You can view all my photos by following the link below. I hope you like them. I'll have video up a little later today.

Race to Witch Mountain premiere photos

I've been very busy the last couple of days getting celebrity videos and pictures. Last night on March 11,2009 I attended the Race to Witch Mountain movie premiere being held down in hollywood,california at the El Capitan theater. I got lots of great pictures from the event and you can view them by following this link below

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dwayne "Rock" Johnson pictures

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was out in Hollywood,California to do a tv show taping tonight at the Jimmy Kimmel show. Dwayne was out to promote his new movie Race to Witch mountain. Dwayne showed why fans still consider him the people's champ by coming over to sign some autographs and pose for pictures. If you follow the link below it will take you to my 2 great photo's of Dwayne.

Follow link directly below to 2 photos I took of Dwayne Johnson

Video Of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 10,2009

Chris Cornell pictures spotted in Hollywood March 10,2009

Former leadsinger of SoundGarden Chris Cornell was out in Hollywood,California tonight to promote his new cd. Chris sounded great in sound check and alot of fans turned out to show their support. Below is a link to the two photo's I snapped of Chris, check them out and leave comments if you like them.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block photo

This is a link to my Donnie Wahlberg photo. Donnie was there with his fellow New Kids on the block group to do an outdoor mini free concert at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Follow the link to see the great photo I got of him that night HERE. Let me know if you like the photo. Also below was a video I shot that night from Donnie greeting the fans and kissing a lucky 2 fans through the security fence.

DONNIE WAHLBERG kisses two lucky fans

Friday, March 6, 2009

Quentin "Rampage Jackson vs Keith Jardine preview

So this weekend is a big fight in the UFC 96 featuring Quentin "RAMPAGE" Jackson vs Keith "The Mean of Dean" Jardine. I'm not a big fan of Jardine's but have been a huge fan of Rampage for a while, way back in his Pride fighting days. I'm hoping Rampage knocks out Jardine in the first round. Only way I see Keith winning is by points if he can last Rampages punches and or powerbombs. I've already got the fight ordered on PPV. Below is a video I shot of Rampage Jackson just prior to his fight(loss) to Forrest Griffin. If your a betting man bet on Black to win!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carla Gugino is hoping Men Watch her movie this weekend

Well with the release of Watchmen in movie theater's this coming weekend I caught up with sexy actress Carla Gugino. Carla is in the movie Watchmen and she was down in hollywood, california at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to help promote the movie. Carla made time for her fans by coming over to sign autographs. Although Carla didn't pose for any photo-ops this time she still delighted the fans with her sheer beauty. So what Carla is really hoping for is that this weekend Men Watch the Watchmen and make it number #1 at the box office. Are you gonna watch???

Carla Gugino video

Kate Walsh sexy as ever

Well tonight I caught sexy Private Practice actress Kate Walsh leaving the Jimmy Kimmel show on March 5,2009. Kate was super nice to her fans as always. Kate came over to sign some autographs and pose for some fast photos. If you look closely Kate had on a beautiful necklace. I don't think the necklace is all that expensive but I'm sure it has some sort of special meaning. I gave her a compliment about the necklace as I really liked it on her. Kate has had a rough go of it recently announcing that she was getting divorced. Best of luck to this stunning actress. I hope she finds herself a man that makes her happy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WatchMen Los angeles premiere footage

Last night on March 2,2009 was the Los Angeles movie premiere for the Watchmen starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I caught Jeffrey's arrival and one of his biggest fans was in the crowd hoping he would come over to her. This fan had made a P.S I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan sign, Jeffrey was in the movie P.S I love You. I had met Jeffrey a few months back and new that this guy was a class act so I knew he would come over to this hardcore fan of his. Well fans were chanting for Jeffrey to come over and like the good guy he is he decided to cross the street to greet his fans. Jeffrey veered to our right and his hardcore fan was pleading with him to come over to her. I really thought this fan was gonna faint, she was starting to hyperventilate. Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan came over, signed her sign that she had made and then posed for a picture with her as well and I got it all on video. Check it out below.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan nearly causes fan to pass out at WatchMen premiere

Evangeline Lilly talks about Boobs after Jimmy Kimmel Live show on March 2,2009

I got to meet sexy actress Evangeline Lilly from the tv show LOST. Evangeline is better known as Kate Ryan which is her characters name on LOST. I caught up with this sexy canadian actress as she was leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Luckily Evangeline Lilly made time for all her fans. This was the first time I got to meet this sexy actress and she was an absolute stunner. Evangeline was such a classy lady and she signed numerous autographs and posed for anyone who wanted a photo with her. You dont see alot of celebs that take that much amount of time to spend with their fans so it was very nice of her. Evangeline was not in a rush at all. You can see the video I shot of her below. Evangeline makes a funny comment where she had just gotten done signing for a fan and then she goes "I don't remember those boobs" because in the photo they were big. I can't wait to see her again. Leave comments if your a big Evangeline fan or a fan of Lost.

Evangeline Lilly talks about her Boobs video

New Kids on the Block video from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show

So you've been a diehard New Kids on the Block fan since you were a young girl and never had the chance to see them. Well tonight I caught the New Kids on the Block arriving to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on March 2,2009. Most of the members arrived at various times throughout the day and none of them had time for their fans before their free live outdoor concert(a few songs). During this time I had time to find out where some of the ladies were from, some came from Seattle, some came from Las Vegas. After the New Kids on the Block did their performance it got crazy, as all the fans that watched the free concert now were with the autograph and picture fans hoping to see the New Kids on the Block come over. Well the only nice guy out of the bunch to sign for the fans was Donnie Wahlberg. Now Donnie not only signed for fans, fast as it was but Donnie even swapped a little spit with two lucky young ladies through the fence. If your a fan of the New Kids on the block I wanna hear feedback from you on whether or not you would have kissed Donnie through the fence.

DONNIE WAHLBERG kisses two lucky fans

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Kids on the block video

Hello to all the New Kids on the Block fans. If all goes well later today I will be seeing these guys in person. It is calling for rain later today so let's hope that the rain holds off till tomorrow. I'm hoping to get all the fans around the world who like the New Kids on the block some exciting video to watch. Check back later tonight or tomorrow morning and if all goes well I'll have the video posted for everyone to enjoy!