Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jonas Brothers video surprising their fans in Hollywood

Tonight I was down in Hollywood at a tv show taping when alot of security guards started to show up. I heard one of the guards talking about the Jonas brothers. I knew that Jonas brothers had been in Hollywood twice already this week promoting their "3D concert Experience" so I didn't think they would be in town still. Well I was wrong because after about 30 mins the 3 Jonas Brothers, Joe,Kevin, Nick arrived to a movie theatre to surpise their fans that were watching the 3D concert Experience. I caught them waving on the way in and on the way out with only about 10 fans knowing the Jonas Brothers were around, they came out. The couple of diehard Jonas fans that were there yelled for the boys to come over and sign. Instead the Jonas Brothers sent over their very BIG bodyguards to gather up the girls and young kids, only way adults got to go is if they had kids. I do not so I wasn't allowed to go meet the Jonas Brothers behind the security fence so I ran around and tried to get some better video for the fans to watch. Unfortunately, I was being told by security that I had to return to my previous spot that is why the video is not the best.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz and Claire Danes all sign fans body

This is video coverage from the 2009 Spirit awards. I was there and managed to capture Mariah Carey, Camerom Diaz, and Claire Danes signing for Melissa "Autograph tattoogirl". Melissa gets the celebrities to sign her body and then she gets that made into a tattoo. I could not believe that Mariah was actually cool to sign her body. Some celebrities like reese witherspoon and queen latifah have yet to sign but with Melissa's list getting shorter by the day, it is only a matter of time. Let me know if you like the video.

here is the video of actress Michelle Williams signing for Melissa. I wonder what Heath Ledger would say if he was still alive. Lets all hope Heath wins the Oscar today.

Jessica Alba and Eliza Dushku hot video

Featured in this video are 2 of the hottest actresses out in Hollywood today. One is Jessica Alba and the other is Eliza Dushku. Both babes attended the 2009 Spirit awards on February 21,2009. Jessica showed up before Eliza. Jessica looked stunning is a pink outfit. This was the first time I got to see Jessica in person and all I ever read on is that Jessica is not nice and never smiles. If you watch my video you can see that, that is not always the case as Jessica was super friendly on this day. Jessica Alba made her way over to the fans signed some autographs and posed for some fast photo-ops. Melissa the autograph tattoogirl was right beside me and she was desperately trying to get Jessica to sign her arm. Jessica made her way over to Melissa and signed on her arm. Melissa then gets it made into an autograph. You can watch all the action below in the video. You also see Eliza Dushku arriving and walking over to fans as well. 2 hot babes in one celebrity video.

Jessica Alba and Eliza Dushku video

Teri Hatcher causes Hysteria at 2009 Spirit awards

Above is a video I shot of actress Teri Hatcher arriving to the 2009 Spirit awards. Last year I did a story on teri Hatcher is an aging beauty. Make sure you check out that picture to see what I mean. But not in this current video one year later Teri looked absolutely stunning in a sexy black dress. Teri was great as she came over and signed autographs for fans and posed for some pictures as well. One fan even stated that Teri was her favorite Lois Lane. Then another fan who wanted to get Teri's attention told her that he bought Teri's book "Burnt Toast". It worked as Teri made her way over. Let me know if you thought Teri looked sexy in the video by leaving comments.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jonas Brothers will cause nightmares in Hollywood on february 24,2009

Hollywood are you READY? This weekend is the Oscar's down in Hollywood on february 22 and on February 24,2009 the young singing sensations known as the Jonas Brothers will be at the El Capitan Theater for the Walt Disney's "Jonas Brothers The 3D Concert Experience". The event will be held on Tuesday, February 24, 2009. Arrivals are likely to start between 5 PM and 6:30 PM however knowing how many fans the Jonas Brothers have people will likely be sleeping over night. So if you plan on attending the event get there early. You can watch my video below that I shot of the Jonas Brothers a few months ago.

Jonas Brothers cause teenage girls to scream with glee

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fan swears at Matthew McConaughey for refusing to do a photo-op!

This is a must see video of a fan spewing venom towards Matthew McConaughey for refusing a photo-op. This video of actor Matthew McConaughey was shot on february 12,2009. Matthew was down in Hollywood,california doing a tv show taping, he was a special guest on the show. Matthew arrived late so he didn't have time for the fans on the way in. Some fans had waited 3 hours for his arrival. So now the fans would have to wait for Matthew to come out after the show and hopefully he would have time then to sign autographs and pose for photos. After waiting about 2.5 hours finally Matthew emerged. It was a cold night too down in hollywood but now the fans finally had something to get excited about as Matthew was coming over for them. Matthew signed autographs and posed for some fast photos before i started this video. So after Matthew went from one side to the other side of the fans getting as many of them as possible Matthew then said " I gotta get home to the family" which is the case because he has a young baby named Levi and the mom (Camilla). One lady fan who didn't get a photo-op tries to entice Matthew with some weed and girls. When that doesn't work she completely loses it and begins cussing and calling him a "Dick". Some swearing is involved so be warned! Moral to the story is if you arrive early you usually get something, arrive late like this fan and you get left out in the cold. If you have any comments about this, be sure to let me know what you think of this wacked out fan!
FAN goes off on Matthew McConaughey

Mishka singer draws for fans, but what is it?

Ok, I'm looking for any fans of the band Mishka to let me know what the singer drew for fans last night as he was leaving a tv show taping down in Hollywood. At the end of the video when he is done drawing he writes the words, Peace, Love and Harmony but I don't know what he drew. To me it looks like a tree. Anyone that knows please let me know!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg party at Kress together!!!

Last night I was out and about around Hollywood,California. I knew that Snoop Dogg my all time favorite rapper was gonna be at Kress Nightclub on Hollywood,Blvd. Snoop was taping an eposide of his new show "Dogg after Dark". Alot of fans had gathered to get a glimpse of the Dogg father from the sidewalk outside looking in through the window. The crowd was totally surprised when Paris Hilton the blonde heiress stopped by to show her support for Snoop. I managed to get them on video although Paris was a little harder to get a nice face shot of. Snoop Dogg would have been proud because some of the fans were celebrating with some "Chronic" 4:20 out on the street. If your a big fan of Snoop Dogg let me know!!! I guess all the fans were missing were a little Gin and Juice!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meetthefamous celebrities I've seen

About a month ago I did a post about a site that I use. It is a celebrity site called It truly is a great site. It allows average people to post there celebrity photos and video and do a story with them. Whats great about this site is you can link your work around as you can see by watching some of my videos here I originally posted them on and linked them into my blog. I have alot more celebrity videos over at the site and as well as some great celebrity photos of people like Angelina Jolie among others. You can view all of my great work by clicking this link it will take you to user profile on the site. I really do love hearing from fans that enjoy my work so If you like my work please leave a comment/opinion. So again follow this link to all my best work.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will either one win an Oscar?

Well folks the Oscars is on February 22,2009. I wanna know if the fans think that either Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt will be able to win an Oscar this year. Angelina is nominated for her role in "Changeling" while Brad is nominated for his role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I've watched Changeling, and I actually thought Angelina was terrific in that role. I have not watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but from what I've been told by friends that is Brad's best movie thus far. I personally think Angelina wont win because I believe this is Kate Winslet's year. However, for Brad I think he just might be taking home an Oscar! The good news is I wanna hear your thoughts on the matter and in 2 weeks we will know who the Oscar winner will be. Below is a video I shot of Brad and Angie arriving to the LA Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere.

BRAD and ANGIE at Curious Case of Benjamin Button LA Premiere cause absolute Madness!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

William Petersen loves his wife

So last week I caught William Petersen's star unveiling. I posted a few photos from the ceremony as well as a 2 videos which can be seen below. I fan wrote in "Marcia" that I cut out the part where William thanks the love of life his wife "Gina". What happened was I was taking photos at that time and by the time I turned the video camera on William was done. I just wanted to point out that yes, William spoke about his lovely wife Gina and here is 2 pictures that i managed to take of Gina while I was there.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ted Danson aka Sam "May Day" Malone shopping video

What can I say about this video? Well other then it features one of my all time favorite actors Ted Danson.

Most remember Ted as the funny and charming character from "Cheers" where he played Sam "May Day" Malone. I caught up with Ted as he was shopping out on Robertson blvd a little while back. Ted was his cool and casual self as he answered my question about Kelsey Grammer. Since I've moved out to Los Angeles I've had the chance to meet the guy who played Norm(George Wendt) and Carla(Rhea Pearlman). I still watch reruns of Cheers because Sammy and the gang always make me laugh.
I don't know about all the other fans but Ted Danson sure seems like the kinda guy you could have a couple of cold beers with and never have a boring conversation.
Cheers to you Ted! Let's hope he doesn't stay retired!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

William Petersen pictures from his star unveiling

First of all I wanna thank for putting a link on their blog page bringing in all the William Petersen fans to my page lately. Hopefully you checked my 2 videos I shot of him that day. If not you can find them below in an article further down. I never had the time to post any of the photos from that day till now so here is a few photos from William Petersen star unveiling. A few of William and a few of some of the other cast from CSI so once again, thanks to all the William Petersen fans for stopping by!

Justin Long discusses baby photo-op footage

Well the other night I shot a really great video involving Justin Long(former boyfriend of Drew Barrymore). Justin posed for a photo-op with a young baby. If you haven't already seen the video then check it out a little further down on my blog. Now onto the new video of Justin. Justin was down in Hollywood,california on February 4,2009 to do a tv show taping to promote his new movie He's Just not that into you. When Justin was leaving he made time for the fans that had waited for him. Justin came over and begun to sign autographs and pose for pictures while chatting it up with the fans. I decided to mention at least there is no babies in the crowd. Justin mentioned that he had just seen footage of the baby photo-op inside while doing the tv show. This guy is super nice and I'm sure Drew Barrymore is kicking herself for their break-up. Justin Long is a goodfella!

Justin Talks about Baby footage

How high will DAVID COOK climb for his fans

Recently I had the time to catch David Cook, last seasons American Idol winner attending a tv show taping down in Hollywood,california. This was my first time meeting the winner. I really enjoyed David's singing on the show and was really happy that he won American Idol. He was out doing a free concert(a couple songs) to promote his first cd release. Having never met the man till now I was wondering if the fame had gotten to his head. I wasn't sure if he was gonna be cool to his fans or not. If you watch the video below you'll see that not only was David Cook cool, he climbed higher then most for his fans literally! David was getting ready to go for a fast bite to eat after his rehearsal and fans caught him departing. David was behind the security fences but came over and signed some autographs. Some fans had a hard time reaching their material to David so David did what any Champion would do for his fans. David Literally climbed up the security fence to retrieve the item promptly signed the item and returned it back to the fan. Look out Tobey Maguire there is a new Spider-Man in the House. I wish David nothing but success because he truly is one of a kind.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Camilla Belle shocks the crowd with her Beauty

Tonight on February 4,2009 I was down in Hollywood, California and caught sexy actress Camilla Belle arriving to a tv show taping. Camilla is currently dating one of the Jonas Brothers and she had a new movie to promote PUSH. Camilla came over to her adoring fans and literally shocked everyone with how sexy and beautiful she really is. This was my first time meeting this sexy babe and she was gorgeous. I loved her in 10,000 BC and Push looks pretty good as well. Make sure you watch the video I shot of Camilla Belle interacting with her fans. TRUST ME SHE IS HOT, check now for yourself!


THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE's video from that night

William Petersen of CSI receives star on Hollywood Blvd

Hello to all the CSI Las Vegas fans. William Petersen received his star on the Hollywood walk of fame on February 3, 2009. I was there to take in the ceremony and shot video for all the fans around the world who were unable to attend the event. I've been a big fan of CSI for a long long time so I just had to attend. Below is a video I shot where William is talking during his speech, a little bit later in the video William dusts off his star which was pretty funny. You can also see William signing some autographs for all the fans that had showed up to support him. If your a big fan of the Show CSI feel free to leave comments as well you can link around my videos to help get them scene by all the other CSI fans around the world. CONGRATS to WILLIAM PETERSEN

WILLIAM PETERSEN SPEECH and dusting off his star video

CSI CAST attend David's star unveiling

Drew Barrymore goes WILD

So I attended the Los Angeles premiere of He's Just not that into you on february 2,2009. I caught sexy actress Drew Barrymore arriving. Fans were pleading with the blonde bombshell to come over and sign autographs. Drew teased fans and never came over. However she did entertain the fans by doing a crazy little dance, getting all excited. You'll have to check my video i shot of her below to see what i mean.

Justin Long holds fans baby

This is a video I shot at the He's just not that into you premiere in Los Angeles. Actor Justin Long had already come over to sign autographs once. Now after arrivals i was lingering around and a group of fans had been calling Justin to come back over so i got myself near them in case he did. Justin being a fan favorite obliged by running over again to sign some autographs and take photos. Now the funny thing is one mother wanted Justin to see her baby, Justin finally did and the mom passed the baby his way. Justin carefully took the baby and held him for a photo-op. You can see Justin was a little overwhelmed by it all. I'm sure his agent would not have been too happy about the whole thing because if something bad had happened Justin would face a lawsuit. Luckily everything went well and Justin just proved what a class act he really is. Too bad Drew Barrymore and Justin never had a baby together! Leave comments and make sure you check out the video below of Justin holding the little baby.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scarlett Johannson vs Jennifer Connelly who looked sexier last night?

Below is a video of sexy actress Scarlett Johannson arriving to the Los Angeles movie premiere for He's Just not that into you, also below is a video of sexy actress Jennifer Connelly arriving. Both ladies looked amazing on this evening down in Hollywood. Jennifer was sporting a sexy skimpy green dress while Scarlett was sporting a multi-coloured dress showing off more of her upper body. You can see in both videos that these 2 sexy actresses made time for their fans by coming over to sign autographs and pose for a few fast photo-ops. What I wanna know is who do you think looked better on this evening? Its close but i'm gonna have to go with Scarlett.

Jennifer Connelly video

Scarlett Johannson video

Jen Aniston arrival video at He's Just not that into you

Hello all celebrity fans. Last night I attended the Los Angeles movie premiere for He's just not that into you. It was a star-studded event, Drew Barrymore was there, Jennifer Connelly, JENNIFER ANISTON, Ginnifer Goodwin and Scarlett Johansson as well as Ben Affleck. Below is video of Ben Affleck signing autographs for the fans amongst all the madness. The second video is Drew Barrymore waving to her fans and Jennifer Aniston as she came to her fans as well. Feel free to leave comments and check back throughout the day as i'll be adding video of Scarlett and Jennifer Connelly.