Thursday, February 5, 2009

Justin Long discusses baby photo-op footage

Well the other night I shot a really great video involving Justin Long(former boyfriend of Drew Barrymore). Justin posed for a photo-op with a young baby. If you haven't already seen the video then check it out a little further down on my blog. Now onto the new video of Justin. Justin was down in Hollywood,california on February 4,2009 to do a tv show taping to promote his new movie He's Just not that into you. When Justin was leaving he made time for the fans that had waited for him. Justin came over and begun to sign autographs and pose for pictures while chatting it up with the fans. I decided to mention at least there is no babies in the crowd. Justin mentioned that he had just seen footage of the baby photo-op inside while doing the tv show. This guy is super nice and I'm sure Drew Barrymore is kicking herself for their break-up. Justin Long is a goodfella!

Justin Talks about Baby footage

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