Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gerry Butler kisses his fans!

So your a lady and really wanna meet Gerard Butler. Well if your lucky then maybe just maybe one day you will be lucky like these long time Gerard Butler fans as he stops by to chat and give them each a kiss.

Gerry Butler stops to say hi to his fans

September 20,2011 Gerard Butler was out in Los Angeles for a guest appearance. I was there eagerly awaiting to see if Gerard would stop for his fans. Well time went by and after seeing Gerry Butler arrive and wave at us it wasn't looking good. Then we saw some vehicles leave and thought Gerry had snuck out on all his fans. After an hour of hovering around hoping Gerry was still there I caught a glimpse of him waiting for his vehicle. Then Gerry comes out and stops for all the fans that had hung around and says "I wish there was security" I point out to him that there was a cop right there making Gerard feel more comfortable about getting out. And that's exactly what the man did. Gerard Butler got out, signed some autographs trying to do one each and then took some photos with his girls, gave some of the lucky one's kisses. I managed to get an extra autograph out of Gerry because I told him I always shoot fan video for his fans in particular the GerardButlergals. Gerry without a doubt has some of the best fans around. Till next time ladies, enjoy the video's below