Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wanna Meet Justin Bieber on Halloween?

Ok folks from Los Angeles. This Halloween could be a blast if your a big fan of Justin Bieber. Oh Baby, Justin Bieber will be out on October 31,2010 giving his fans a chance to show there support for him. I'll post details of the upcoming event so leave me a comment if you wanna know where Justin will be and what time. I'll be there shooting video so if you can't make it check back on sunday night to see the video of the event.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Megan Fox leaves Scream awards 2010

Here is one of the sexiest celebs i've met the one and only Megan Fox. Megan attended the 2010 Scream awards show and after the show I caught her leaving along with tons of other fans. Below is some video I shot of Megan coming over to sign for all her fans. Now, there is one question I have Why in the Hell did she marry Brian Austin Green. All I can say Is fuck her while you can Brian!

Mickey Rourke leaves Scream awards 2010

Here is one of my favorite actors Mickey Rourke leaving the Scream awards 2010. I was there but never got to see Mickey because I left early. Anyways here is some video from our friends at

TrueBlood Anna Paquin nearly killed at Scream awards 2010.

Last night I attended the 2010 Scream awards show. TrueBlood hottie Anna Paquin arrived and decided to come over to sign autographs for dozens of fans on hand. Well all I can say is it turned into a frenzy. Things we so crazy u had to be there to understand. I was shooting video and at one point when she was in front of me I nearly ended up on top of her but I managed to hold onto the guardrail. However, the autograph guy next to me was not so lucky as he got knocked through the rail and onto the ground. The railing hit Anna in the foot and she left right away. Luckily the sexy TrueBlood star was not seriously injured. The video I shot is the first clip below

Here is another video shot by a friend

Friday, October 15, 2010

Julia Stiles is still yummy looking

Having met Julia Stiles about 3 years ago I thought when would I finally get to see her again. Well last night I got my chance as Julia was out in Hollywood promoting her new role on the hit tv show Dexter. Check out the video to see how yummy Julia looks.

Katherine Heigl visits fans outside Jimmy Kimmel live

Here is blonde babe Katherine Heigl visiting her fans after taping the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Katherine looked like she was gonna ignore everyone but she came over and was very friendly and joked about her neighbour calling the cops on her and her husband for making loud noises in the hottub. This was my first time getting to meet Katherine best known for being in Grey's Anatomy but now that she is off the show she is looking to keep her movie roles coming in. Have a look at some short video I shot below!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RED los angeles premiere was a disaster

Well i attended the RED los angeles movie premiere last night. The movie had plenty of great names but it was a complete disaster for fans. Only Bruce DIEHARD Willis came over to the fans. Bruce didn't have time to sign but at least he walked by all the fans that had lined up to see the arrivals. You can check out the video below of Bruce Willis.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jessica Alba is a depressed mother

Here is sexy actress Jessica Alba. Now Jessica is a mom to her beautiful daughter Honor Marie Warren but on this occassion Jessica looks extremely depressed. Now the thing is I believe its from the huge amount of paparazzi that ambushed her as she left after shopping in Beverly Hills. Let me know what you think.

Rihanna out shopping with boytoy Matt Kemp

Here is one of my favorite singers Rihanna out shopping with her current boytoy Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Matt Kemp. Rihanna looks beautiful and you can see her smiling and posing for a photo with some fans. Make sure you check out the video I shot below!

Hayden Christensen is super friendly to fans.

A little while back I had to meet a fellow Canadian Hayden Christensen. Having never met him I did not know how he would be to fans. I arrived late to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to find about 50-75 fans awaiting Hayden's arrival. I thought that there was no way I would get a picture autographed by him. Boy was I wrong! Hayden arrived, went inside to elude the paparazzi and when the paps left Hayden came over to greet all the fans. He's one classy Canadian and it was a pleasure to meet him. Let me know if your a fan of his by commenting on the story. Below is video I shot for all fans to enjoy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Which picture of Coco is Hotter?

Ok guys and gals here is 2 AMAZING SEXY pictures of COCO that she recently posted via her twitter account. I must say that i personally like the animal print picture more but I wanna know which picture you like more. Have your say by leaving comments.

Here's my daily mugshot I just took w/my fishnet top.Cli... on Twitpic

When I wear animal print it brings the wild out in me..Eye Ca... on Twitpic

COCO looking HOT in red dress

Here is Coco looking super sexy in a Hot red dress. COCO wrote on her twitpic page "Here's my lipstick red mini dress I wore to Kiss N Fly last night along w/ Lorenzi heels & Versace purse". Ok guys and gals how hot does Coco look? Feel free to leave comments and make sure you stop by Coco's twitter page because she is always posting great pictures and is super cool and responds to fan messages.

Here's my lipstick red mini dress I wore to Kiss N Fly l... on Twitpic