Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 WSOP main event

I'll be in Las Vegas starting tomorrow on July 1,2009. I'll be there celebrating my anniversary 3 years already and also it works out great because that is when the main event for the World Series of Poker starts. The 2009 Main event $10,000 buy in for WSOP starts on friday July 3,2009. I'll be there to get pictures and watch the action from the rail. I'll be rooting on Jen Harman and Mike Matusow as well as some other of my favorite poker players. Look back daily as I will try and post some news and pics and videos for all poker fans to see.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How do you remember Michael Jackson

With the tragic passing of the King of Pop Michael Jackson on June 25,2009 I wanna know how you the fans will remember Michael. Is there one song that you think sets him apart or that you will remember. Michael is obviously a legend in music and forever will be up there with the Beatles and Elvis for being people that changed the music industry forever. Even though Michael has passed away everytime the world plays one of his songs he lives on.

Blast from the past with Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan

Here is a great video of 2 sexy actresses. The interview was taken just before the movie Confessions of a Teenage DramaQueen back in 2004. Back when this video was shot everyone knew of Lindsay Lohan. The up and comer in the movie was a very sexy Megan Fox. The 2 starlets didn't really get along because Lindsay was being a diva. Well now everyone knows both actresses but one is way more popular then the other. Megan Fox is currently recongized as the sexiest women alive. While Megan currently gets movies like Transformer's and the sequel little Lindsay Lohan gets D-list roles that are not even worth mentioning. It just goes to show you how Hollywood can turn on you in a second. Your the It girl one day and nothing the next ain't that right Lindsay. Make sure you check this video out of the 2 starlets Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan. Let me know which one you think was hotter back in 2004. I think it is Megan Fox all the way!

Megan Fox talks about her Tattoo's

Gorgeous babe Megan Fox can be seen in this video that I found on youtube. The Transformers babe talks about a couple of Tattoo's and some other interesting stuff. Megan even stated that she doesn't use the internet at all. I find that interesting I thought someone as sexy as Megan would wanna see what everyone is writing about her. Anyways if you love Megan Fox then have a look at the video she looks Gorgeous as per usual!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson leaves us great memories!

The King of Pop Michael Jackson tragically passed away on June 25,2009 due to an apparent cardiac arrest. I was playing poker online at the time and someone mentioned it and I could not believe it. Hollywood had lost Farrah Fawcett earlier in the day and then The King of Pop passed away in the mid afternoon after attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. I remember as a kid listening to Thriller and Beat it and also Billie Jean and so many others. Like so many people we will always love Michael's music. So as I write about Michael I think of what is there left to say other then today is a sad sad day for music. I offer my condelences to his 3 kids and the rest of Michael's family. I've linked in a great photo of Michael that Shannon Elisabeth put on her twitter page. Even on this terrible day I wanna remember Michael exactly how he is in the photo below with Shannon Elisabeth and that is smiling. RIP Michael. Thanks for always thrilling your fans around the world!!!!!!

Here is a link to Shannon's twitpic http://twitpic.com/8f19w

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Megan Fox leaving Jimmy Kimmel live video

I had finally seen the hottest women alive one day before at the Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen movie premiere in Los Angeles. I was able to help my nephew get his hand drawn picture of Megan signed. On June 23,2009 was Johnny Depp's premiere for Public Enemies but I got word that Megan Fox was gonna be down in Hollywood at the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I decided to skip the madness at the premiere and try my luck to see Megan Fox 2 days in a row. Well I got lucky as she came over to greet the fans that had assembled on the way out. Megan looked stunning as always as she signed and posed for some photos. Below is 34 seconds of the hottest woman alive Megan Fox enjoy folks. Let's hope Transformers 2 is great and does great so there is a third. I can never get tired of seeing Megan!!!

34 seconds of hottie Megan Fox

Josh Duhamel signs at Transformers 2 premiere

Hello all Transformers fans. I attended the Los Angeles premiere of Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. Below is a short video of Josh Duhamel as he signed autographs for the huge crowd that turned out to support the movie. Hope this movie is as good as it looks. I've read that its crappy but I'll have to watch it this weekend and judge for myself!

Johnny Depp swarmed by rabid fans at Public Enemies premiere

Poor Johnny Depp! The guy is a terrific actor and does the best to acomodate his fans but after watching this video which was shot by Hollywoodtv I just feel sad for this guy. Johnny had to put up with tons of screaming fans(WHERE earplugs next time) I'm sure Johnny had a headache after this mess. Johnny was in Westwood,california for the premiere of his latest movie Public Enemies. The movie looks terrific and I plan on seeing it once it comes out. I did not attend this event because I wanted to avoid the madness. I went and got great photos and video instead of Megan Fox!!

Cameron Diaz looking smoking at her star unveiling!

Well folks on monday June 22,2009 I went down to Hollywood to see the latest star unveiling on the Hollywood blvd walk of fame. The celebrity that was being honoured was sexy blonde actress Cameron Diaz. I had seen Cameron a few times in the past and never thought she looked that great in person but on this day she looked stunning. Cameron was wearing a sexy white dress with a red belt and matching shoes. If you wanna see Cameron then check out a little piece of the speech that I took. Sorry that its a little short but everyone talked forever and it was an extremely hot day. Congrats to you Cameron!

Megan Fox loves Tongue!

Well its true Transformers fans. Hottie Megan Fox loves tongue. Last night I caught her out and about in Hollywood and I snapped over 20 photos of Megan. I got a few of her with her tongue out and you can see them at my profile page over at www.meetthefamous.com/Curls93 i have links below.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Transformers 2 Los Angeles premiere pictures

Hey all Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen fans. I just got home from the big Los Angeles premiere on june 22,2009 and posted pictures of sexy Megan Fox, Shia Labouef and Josh Duhamel. Heres a link to the pictures have a look and let me know if you like them guys. I do it for the fans that can't see these celebs everyday so i really wanna hear your feedback. Find the pictures here http://meetthefamous.com/Curls93

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Megan Fox walks through water!

I found this video on youtube of sexy actress Megan Fox. Megan is best known for being in Transformers but in the scene below its from How to lose friends and Alienate People. Megan goes in the pool and walks through to the other side and gets out so that all can see how sexy she really is. Let me know if you like the clip!

Sexy photos of Megan Fox

The video below I found on youtube and it features the sexy actress from Transformers Megan fox. Sit back and enjoy folks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Explosive action scenes in Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Well if you thought the first Transformers movie was badass you ain't seen nothing yet. With Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen premiere set for LA next week I decided to search on youtube and see what I could find about Transformers 2. What I found was an action packed, explosive scene with Shia Labouef and Megan Fox, Director Michael Bay. IF you wanna take a sneek peek at how good this movie is gonna be then watch the video below. Some of you might wanna wait and see this scene on the big screen in the movies but it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Megan Fox and Shia Labouef talking dirty

Well after the first 4o seconds of the video below you see Transformers stars Megan Fox and Shia Labouef talking dirty about Transformers. Both celebs swear alot in the video so make sure you can watch this video without getting offended. When Megan talks dirty i'm sure all single guys around the world get excited. What do you think, should these 2 co-stars not date each other? I think they would be great together.

Megan Fox talks dirty with Shia Labouef about Transformers

Megan Fox looking super hot in bra and panties

This is a video I found on youtube of Transformers star Megan Fox. Megan looks terrific as always as she was doing a photoshoot for FHM cover shoot. If you like Megan Fox then you must watch her as she shows off her tremendous looking body.

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Well the Los Angeles premiere of Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen is next week. Having just watched Transformers recently can part 2 be as good as part one. Shia Labouef is back with his sexy hot co-star the one and only MEGAN FOX. The previews look terrific but will the movie live up to the hype. Less then a week and we will know.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about going Topless on the Beach

Sexy actress Jennifer Love Hewitt from the Ghost Whisperer talks about her current boyfriend Jamie Kennedy. Jennifer should X Jamie fast. He is funny but not worthy of Jennifer. Jennifer also talks with TvGuide and gets asked if she would be brave enough to go topless down on the beaches in Monte Carlo. You'll have to check out the video to find out if Jennifer has enough heart and guts to show off her Tittay's to the world.

Claudia Jordan shows off her sexy curves at the Ivy

Well I've been lucky enough to see Claudia Jordan best known for being one of the models on Deal or No deal out and about a few times. Well in the video below you can see that Hollywoodtv caught her dining at the Ivy restaurant on Robertson blvd. The camera guy proceeds to ask Claudia about if she has ever been proposed too. You will have to watch to find out her response. Also Claudia was looking super sexy and the camera guy did all fellow men a favor by going in for a close-up on her butt. Have a look and let me know if Claudia is hot!

Ryan Reynolds totally ignores paparazzi questions

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds who is currently starring with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal gets asked numerous questions by the paparazzi. At the start of the video you see Ryan take a few photos with some of his fans but after that you don't hear a word from the Canadian hunk. Ryan just stays mum and gets on his motorcycle and speeds off. I'm assuming he wanted to get home to wife hot sexy wife Scarlet Johannson. The video below was shot by Hollywoodtv

David Cook is a man on a mission

Paparazzi caught one of the former American Idol winners David Cook leaving the CNN studio's in Los Angeles. They asked David about his thoughts on David Letterman apology to Sarah Palin which has to be one of the stupidest questions you can ask him. Of course, David states he has no opinion on it, he doesn't give a rats ass about it. I think they should have asked him about his career and how he plans to rise to the top of the music charts to honor his fallen brother who recently passed away. That would have got a comment from the man. Anyways after the first time I personally met David Cook i've become an even bigger fan of his. The dude is a class act, treats his fans great, engages in meaningful conversation like he actually cares about what you have to talk to him about. I can only wish that this good fellow someday finds the top of the music charts with his great songs and voice. Tell me about an encounter you had with David or just tell me why your his biggest fan by leaving comments. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Hangover leaves you laughing for days!

Well since I do shoot celebrity pictures and videos I got lucky enough to see some of the cast. I saw Heather Graham, Mike Tyson, Bradley Cooper and Ken Jeuong. I got a picture with Heather and Mike. Now I went to see this great movie on the opening weekend. Now The Hangover has ruled the top of the box office for 2 weeks straight. I think it will rule the box office again this weekend and might finally get dethroned by Transformers 2. There is way to much to talk about how funny The Hangover is. All I can say is go NOW to the movies and watch it if you haven't seen it yet! HURRY!

Nick Jonas and Miley caught together again crash into parked car

Well this is a little bit of drama in this video. You got Disney lovebirds reuniting. Nice Jonas of the Jonas Brothers gets caught by the paparazzi reuniting with Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana. I wonder what Camilla Belle and Justin Gaston think about this. It has been reported that Miley dumped her model boyfriend Justin recently. Is this a sign of things to come. Now there is more drama in this video. Nick drives his future bride away in his car and then hits another parked car. You can see it for yourself by watching the video which was shot by Hollywoodtv.

Nick Jonas hits parked car with Miley Cyrus in passenger seat

Liv Tyler nearly gets upskirted

So this is a video of sexy actress Liv Tyler. I personally love Liv Tyler and have been a big fan of hers for a while. I thought she was terrific in Armaggedon and Stealing Beauty and the newest edition of Hulk. Now in the video Hollywoodtv catches Liv Tyler out shopping in Los Angeles. Everything is going fine Liv and her friend exit Confederacy to go to their vehicle. Now Liv's friend is gonna drive so the paparazzi go to where Liv gets in the passenger seat. As Liv gets in you can see she is wearing a skirt and holding a drink and gets in the passenger side door. You can see the one paparazzi run to his right once he noticed he had a chance to upskirt Liv Tyler. By the looks of it, he likely missed the shot but you just never know. Have a look for yourself in the video and then let me know your opinions on the camera guy as you see he definately tried to upskirt her.

Liv Tyler nearly becomes victim of paparazzi upskirt pics

Friday, June 12, 2009

EroticaLA is full of nice Pussy!

So for all fans of Adult entertainment then this is the weekend for you if you live in the Los Angeles area. EroticaLA is under way the event started on June 12,2009 and finishes sunday afternoon on june 14,2009. The event brings out the biggest names in Adult Entertainment. Some of the hot pussy that will be on hand are NikkiBenz, Jenna Haze, Stormy Daniels and many more. You can see them in person and get there autographs and a picture with your favorite Pussy! Don't be shy guys and gals they don't bite!

This is a photo of Nikki Benz enjoying some Starbucks

To see more of the one and only sexy pornstar Jenna haze go here http://twitpic.com/5vaso

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Hangover is a must see movie!

Hello all movie fans. I went on opening day to see the Hangover in the theaters. I'm the type of person that it takes alot to make me laugh. Well going in I was thinking this movie looks good but will likely suck having shown us all the good funny parts in the previews. Well boy was I wrong! The movie has Sexy Heather Graham, Mike Tyson, Bradley Cooper, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Zach Galifiankis. I recently had the pleasure to meet Heather Graham, Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong and I met Bradley a few months ago. Now back to my review, well The Hangover starts off explaining the story. After about 15 mins its starts to pick up. The movie is filled with numerous laughs as it even brought tears to my eyes at one part. Mike Tyson's role is small but pretty good and funny. The ending is terrific and make sure you check this movie out in theatres. At the end of the movie the fans even clapped they were so happy with The Hangover! Sequel please! Check out my video of Heather below and check out my youtube page LACurls93 to see the Ken Jeong and Bradley Cooper videos.

SEXY Heather Graham video

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The current it girl of adult entertainment Angela Armani can be seen in this promo video I found on youtube. She looks stunning and she will be EroticaLA all weekend. If you attend and wanna share your pictures of this sex kitten feel free to send them in so i can share them with all her fans.

Blink 182 Mark Hoppus refuse to sign fans breast

So yesterday I was down in Hollywood at a tv show taping and the band 182 was there to do an outdoor concert. Travis Barker had already signed and then Mark Hoppus came over to sign and greet the huge crowd that turned out to support them. Half way through his signing session a fan flashed her breast at Mark and asked him to sign it. Mark didn't hear at first so some other fans were asking Mark to sign it and then the lady flashed it out again. Mark paid no attention but you can see the video I shot over at http://www.meetthefamous.com/Curls93

Paris Hilton gets Booed by fans leaving Jimmy Kimmel show June 9,2009

Well Paris Hilton was down in Hollywood on June 9,2009 at the Jimmy Kimmel show. I went to try and see the sexy blonde in person. Paris arrived close to show time so she got rushed in which you can see in my video. Her assistant or publicist said to all the fans that Paris would sign autographs on the way out. So now the fans had a few hours to wait for Paris to come back out. Finally the sexy blonde Paris Hilton came out. Fans began to shout madly for Paris to come over to them. Paris ran towards them waving and then bolted for the gate to her awaiting SUV. Fans then began to BOO her loudly. I heard that Paris was in a hurry to catch the end of the Lakers game at a nearby restaurant. Anyways here is the link to my video of the fans booing her http://meetthefamous.com/photos-videos/details.php?story=9341