Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IS Ashley Greene dating Justin Bieber?

Well tonight I went out in Hollywood to see Twilight Eclipse hottie Ashley Greene. Now you just never know who you are gonna see in Hollywood but tonight I saw a Justin Bieber look a like. This lucky guy used his charm to get a photo op with Ashley Greene. I guess it pays to look like Justin Bieber!

Ashley Green thrills fans outside Jimmy Kimmel Live

Well if your a Twilight fan then you will love the video I shot tonight of Ashley Green. Ashley was so nice to all her fans. After taping the Jimmy Kimmel Live show Ashley came over to the fans and she proceeded to sign autographs at first. After completing autograph requests she went back and did photo-ops. Ashley was super friendly taking tons of time and not rushing at all making sure everyone got what they wanted. One thing about Ashley is that she always looks sexy and she is one classy vampire!

Drake spotted in Los angeles

Canadian Singer Drake was spotted out in hollywood, california on June 23,2010. Drake waved to fans who spotted him showing up to the Jimmy Kimmel live show.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Megan Fox propels Los Angeles Lakers to victory

Here is video I shot of Megan Fox on June 17,2010 at the Jonah Hex los angeles premiere. Megan looked extremely sexy in a low cut red dress. I asked Megan about the Los ANgeles Lakers and she gave a nice response but you'll have to watch what Megan said yourself

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jessica Biel shows her hot ass in white dress

Here is some video I shot of usually stuck-up Jessica Biel. However on this evening Jessica was super friendly I guess there were too many cameras on her for her to bail on all the fans. I managed to get an autograph out of her and film this video at the same time. You can see Jessica looked amazing in a white sexy dress you can even see her sexy curves from the back!!! Would you tap Jessica. let me know by leaving comments

Rampage Jackson with A-team cast

Here is some video I shot of UFC fighter Rampage Jackson attending his movie premiere for A-team. You can also see Bradley Cooper, Liam Nissan, and the guy from District-9. Rampage looked cool and could become a huge action star after this. Best of luck Rampage but i want to see a rematch with Rashad Evans and you knocking his punk ass out.

Bradley Cooper attacks hollywood with a tanker at A-team

Hunky actor Bradley Cooper rides a tanker into the premiere of A-Team in Hollywood,california on June 3,2010. Bradley looked like he was having a blast and the women in the crowd were going crazy once they saw him. If your a fan of Bradley make sure you show your support by commenting on the video.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kate Bosworth nearly suffers panic attack

Supermodel and actress Kate Bosworth went to the movies on June 1,2010. Only thing is Killers movie premiere was taking place and when Kate was departing the movies fans spotted her. Watch the madness as paparrazzi blind her with flashes and fans surround her in hopes of getting an autograph or a picture. Poor Kate tried to elude the bunch by getting into an elevator. Only thing is some fans got in to. You can see that Kate was getting close to a panic attack.

Russell Brand greets fans at Jimmy Kimmel live June 1,2010

Here is video I shot outside the Jimmy Kimmel live show on June 1,2010. Actor Russell Brand arrives and proceeds to come over and sign autographs for fans all while talking on his cell phone.