Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gerard Butler charged for paparazzi incidence

Everyone's favorite Scottish actor Gerard Butler according to has been charged with misdemeanor criminal battery in connection with a run-in with a photog back on October 7, 2008. Gerard allegedly smacked the photog for basically stalking him after leaving Crown Bar. If convicted the Hotscot could face up to 6 months in jail. Let's hope the judge doesn't convict Gerard for this stupidity, which is a paparazzo trying to score some cash. Gerry has always been cool with having is photo taken but when you try and follow the man thats invasion of privacy. Got an opionion make your voice heard here by leaving your comments! GO GERRY GO!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Matthew FOX photos leaving Jimmy Kimmel May 13,2009

Hello to all you LOST fanatics out there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I met LOSt superstar actor Matthew Fox on may 13,2009 leaving the jimmy Kimmel live show. Matthew was terrific as always spending time with the fans even if it was a madhouse. Here is the link to 10 great photos I took of Matthew so check them out and leave comments here if you like them.

Here is a short video that I shot of Matthew Fox. I had to edit out the sound because of an outdoor concert going on but it gives you an idea of what matthew had to go through

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this is a repost of a video I shot of Matthew's co-star on Lost Evangeline Lilly, check it out the beautiful canadian actress talks about her breasts.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Star Trek star Chris Pine better then Willian Shatner

ALl you Star Trek lovers follow the link below to some great pictures of the New Captain Kirk Chris Pine. One of the pictures looks like Chris is picking his nose but he really just had an itch. There is 3 other great pictures of Chris wanna see them then just follow the link below.

Lil Kim video at Jimmy Kimmel live just after voted off Dancing with the Stars

This is a video I shot of Lil Kim just after she got voted off Dancing with the Stars the other night. Lil Kim was a doll as she was in good spirits after the show when she came over to greet her fans. I think Lil Kim deserved to stay a few more weeks because clearly Ty Murray is the weakest dancer still in the competition.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

David Spade swears amongst fans

I caught actor David Spade at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on May 6,2009. This was the first time I got to meet David in person and he was pretty funny. David joked about wearing Ray-Bans sunglasses. Only problem with David was at one point he cussed saying the F-word. A few young kids were in the crowd so I don't think it was good for him to say that but other then that he was a charming fellow signing auotgraphs and posing for some fast-photo ops

Mario Lopez needs to wash his car

Below is a video I shot of Extra tv host Mario Lopez leaving Hollywood restaurant Katsuya on Cinco de Mayo. Mario was bombarded with flashes by the paparazzi but the funny thing is when Mario went to his car. If you follow the link in the video info after you watch it to some pictures that I took you will see how dirty Mario's car really was. Have a look for yourself and then give me your feedback on how nasty it was!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lindsey Lohan ambushed, eats White Powder

This is the famous video of when actress Lindsey Lohan was overseas and on her way into a club a crazy Peta fan through White powder on Lindsey because she was wearing fur. Peta has the right to protest all they want because it is cruel to wear animal fur but for someone to through substance on someone else just makes that person look immature. The way to solve this is through debates. Anyways if you never have seen the video then check it out below. I found the video on and you can see Lindsey eats the white powder. Express your opinion by leaving comments!

Lindsay Lohan Owned - Watch more Funny Videos

Chrissie Hynde nearly blows Dave Navarro on stage

This is a very interesting video of some famous musicians.
First is Chrissie Hynde performing with Dave Navarro on stage at the Viper Room. Things heat up literally as Chrissie starts to unbutton Dave's pants. What happens next with BLOW your mind. Video from

Dave Navarro almost blow job on stage Viper Room Hollywood - Watch more Funny Videos

Paparazzi on Rihanna like Bees to Honey

This is what Rihanna has to put up with since Chris Brown allegedly beat her up a few months back. Rihanna was out for supper with Jay-Z at Katsuya down in Hollywood and if you watch the video below which was shot by Hollywoodtv you will see the Chaos caused by the paparazzi. Know wonder she has really big bodyguards with her. You can barely see Rihanna in the video it was that chaotic. Don't believe me have a look for yourself. Please note some bystander is cursing in the video