Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gerard Butler at Jay leno

Hey to all gerard butler fans, well we originally posted the gerard videos and got great responses from all his fans. The videos got temporarily taken down when the youtube page got closed by accident. The 3 videos that I shot of Gerard Butler outside Jay Leno have since been put back up on youtube under celebritynationVids. Hope you like them and sorry for the confusion.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gerard Butler makes fans feel special outside Jay Leno

This is the 3rd part of Gerard Butler making his fans feel special outside the Jay Leno show. Gerry got out and greeted everyone for over 10 minutes. I hope all you Gerard Butler fans love these videos I shoot. Although Gerry makes it easy for me by being such a nice guy. Get out and support Gerard this weekend by watching Law Abiding Citizen!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ambulance arrives to Gerard Butler premiere of LAW ABIDING CITIZEN

Tonight I attended Gerard Butler's latest movie premiere of LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. Tons of fans were on hand to see the hot scottish actor known as Gerard Butler. I got some decent video of Gerard signing for all his fans. ABout 85% of the fans were ladies. Yes, the ladies just love Gerry. As Gerard was signing you can see an ambulance arriving to the scene near the red carpet. I don't know what happened but i'm guessing some young lady fainted once she fulfilled her dream of meeting Gerard. You can check back early tomorrow morning for the video I shot.

Kristen Bell dazzles fans with her beauty at Couples Retreat

Last night I was down in Westwood trying to get my Kristen Bell photo signed. It is a picture that I took with that hot babe about a year ago. It looked promising as Kristen Bell came over to her fans at her new movie premiere for Couples Retreat. However, Kristen went to the other side of where I was standing so I didn't get my photo signed but nevertheless Kristen dazzled the fans and the red carpet with her beauty. Have a look for yourself and watch the video I shot of Kristen. I give her a 10 everytime she never looks bad.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Girls Next Door stars Shannon Twins

Well I was out and about in Hollywood on October 1,2009 and I caught the Blonde bombshells known as the Shannon Twins. The Girls Next Door stars were out at Katsuya restaurant for an early lunch. Having just gotten there nails done prior to eating the Shannon Twins were more then happy to talk about the upcoming season of Girls Next Door. You'll have to check out the video I shot of my encounter with Hugh Hefner's girls to find out what they had to say!

Heroes Babe Hayden Panettiere

October 1,2009 I caught Heroes sexy babe Hayden Panettiere leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Fans were hoping that Hayden would come over and sign some autographs and the Hayden didn't dissapoint. If you watch the video that I shot below you'll see one how Hayden caused chaos among fans she looked beautiful and even gave a response to my question which was "What is gonna happen to Claire this year". You'll have to watch the video to see what Hayden said in response.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joseph Fiennes Flash's Forward to his fans after Jimmy Kimmel Live

Well I managed to catch actor Joseph Fiennes leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night on September 30,2009. Joseph was out on the show to promote his new tv show FLASH FORWARD. Joseph was great as he came over and signed autographs and posed for some fast photo-ops. I wished Joseph luck on his new show. What do you think is the show gonna be successful? I think it looks great!

Drew Barrymore nearly wipes out at WHIP IT

Everybody loves actress Drew Barrymore. I had the chance to attend the Los Angeles movie premiere of her directorial debut movie in WHIP IT. Drew Barrymore arrives and fans began pleading with the blonde bombshell to come over and sign some autographs. After a little bit Drew finally comes over but she didn't sign no autographs. Drew just walked by and waved and thanked fans for coming out to her movie premiere. Now if you watch closely you can see Drew nearly fell on her face as she was walking by right in front of me. Drew hit one of those yellow bumper things on the road. Luckily Drew managed to stay on her 2 feet. Later in the video you can see Drew walking to the afterparty with boyfriend Justin Long and friend Kate Beckinsale.