Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drew Barrymore nearly wipes out at WHIP IT

Everybody loves actress Drew Barrymore. I had the chance to attend the Los Angeles movie premiere of her directorial debut movie in WHIP IT. Drew Barrymore arrives and fans began pleading with the blonde bombshell to come over and sign some autographs. After a little bit Drew finally comes over but she didn't sign no autographs. Drew just walked by and waved and thanked fans for coming out to her movie premiere. Now if you watch closely you can see Drew nearly fell on her face as she was walking by right in front of me. Drew hit one of those yellow bumper things on the road. Luckily Drew managed to stay on her 2 feet. Later in the video you can see Drew walking to the afterparty with boyfriend Justin Long and friend Kate Beckinsale.

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