Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Jonas Brothers were in Hollywood, california on November 25th,2008. I caught them arriving to do a tv show taping. Young girls also spotted the Jonas Brothers as well. The ladies began to shout and then the Jonas brothers began to walk over to meet them. Holy cow, as the brothers were walking over the ladies began to shout very loud almost blowing my eardrums. The Jonas Brothers signed autographs and posed for some fast pictures being entering the building. The Jonas Brothers made alot of young ladies happy. The Camp Rock stars were at the tv show taping to perform an outdoor concert to promote the release of their new cd. Let me know if you like the video. Also let me know which one of the brothers you like best, is it JOE, is it Kevin or is it the other one.

Angelina Jolie hot video

This is a video I shot of sexy actress Angelina Jolie. Angelina is always nice to her fans and came over and signed some autographs and posed for a couple fast pictures. Fans were everywhere trying to capture this beautiful lady and Angelina did her best to satisfy their appetite. Brad Pitt was not with her on this day but it did not matter. Angelina always looks lovely. You can see her pass right in front of me at one point, i was so close to her I could have kissed her. HAHA, would you be able to remain calm with such a hot lady in front of you. Let me know by leaving comments.

Paramore signs for fans

This is a video I shot last week of the lead singer of Paramore coming over to meet and greet her fans at a tv show taping. Hayley Williams must have spent 20-30 minutes signing autographs, chatting and posing with all the fans. Hayley was a rare breed, most celebrities are in a rush but she took her time and made sure everyone got to meet her. She truly is a class act.

Leona Lewis signs some skin for fan

Last week I caught sexy singing sensation Leona Lewis arriving to a tv show taping in Hollywood, California. Only 4 fans arrived early enough to catch this pretty lady arrive. I was one of them. Leona came over and signed autographs for those lucky fans as well as posed for a picture with each of us. Leona even signed some skin for one lucky fan. Tattoogirl gets the celebrities to sign her arm and then she gets the tattoo made. You won't believe it unless you watch it, hear what Leona Lewis has to say about it. Feel free to leave comments.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toronto Maple Leafs to honour Wendel Clark

So tonight is the big night for Wendel Clark. Wendel is getting his Jersey number #17 raised to the roof at the Air Canada Center. Having watched Wendel when I was a kid, it is well deserved. I would love to attend this game in person but can't. What can you say about Wendel Clark. Other then he was a Warrior, he could shoot, hit, fight. He had the best wrist shot in the game during his time. He played with heart every shift. Never got paid a bunch of money but did it because he wore the Maple Leaf on his jersey and wanted to bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto. If you like hockey you should be standing at home watching the game and honouring Wendel. True players like him don't come around too often. Congrats Wendel, well deserved thanks for always playing an entertaining brand of hockey. Wanna see Wendel and how he played then check out the best clip youtube has below.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miley(Diva) Cyrus too sick to receive gift from Fan

So last night I chose to go to the Los Angeles movie premiere of Bolt. What a crappy premiere. Miley didn't make much time for her fans that had been waiting out for her since 2pm in the afternoon. The premiere didn't start till 6pm. A young girl had made a gift basket to give to Miley. However, Miley claiming to be sick with the flu did not come over to her fans near the entrance side of the building. Miley had already posed for a couple photos on the other side. The young girl was unable to give Miley the gift basket and the young girl's mom was none to pleased. Stating no more buying any Hanna Montana or Miley Cyrus products. So I wanna know is Miley Cyrus a young Diva? Sick or not I think she could have come over at least waved so fans could get a nice picture of her. This is twice I seen her and she is a diva both times.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bolt or Twilight movie premiere

Well tonight is 2 new movie premieres out in Los Angeles. One is Bolt and the other is Twilight. Which one should I go to??? You'll have to look back tomorrow to find out which one.

Friday, November 14, 2008

UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar all bets are off

Ufc 91 the big showdown between Couture vs Lesnar all bets are off. Its classic story old lion vs new lion. Brock having only fought in the UFC twice is already getting a title shot. Couture having taking some time off is now back to see if he's still the man. I personally don't see Lesnar beating Couture. Randy is just too good, he's fought for the belt numerous times, against the best of the best with a 16-8 record. Lesnar could not beat Mir, and this fight will be the same. Brock might hurt Randy, might get him down but Brock will make a mistake and Randy will catch him and the fight will be over. The only way I see Brock winning is by first round knockout if he can connect. I see Randy taking this fight to the ground and just wearing down Brock. Randy will get Brock in the 3 round once Brock is tired and carrying around all that body weight. One thing is for sure, it will be interesting. So who you betting on, Old Lion or young Lion? Let me know your thoughts on this epic battle by leaving me a comment. Randy 3 round submission

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jennifer Aniston swarmed like never before!

Jennifer Aniston decided that on friday november 7th,2008 she would go eat lunch at the Ivy restaurant on Robertson Blvd. That was a very bad idea JEN. Ivy is paparazzi central. If you watch the video below that was shot by Kattalestv you can find more of her work on youtube you'll see why it was such a bad idea for Jen. Poor Jen, could barely move as the paparazzi swarmed around her like bees on honey. As i've stated numerous times I like getting celebrity pictures and video but not like that. When all hell breaks loose the cops should be called to handle those aggressive pests that won't make space for Jen to get through safely. If the celebrity feels safe then most of them will let you get your stuff or even put up with the dumb questions they get asked. But when the celebrity can't see one foot in front of themselves and fear their safety that's when cops must be called. Do you have an opinion if so leave comments.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Angelina Jolie photos for November 9th,2008

These are some photos I snapped of sexy actress Angelina Jolie. Angelina was down in Hollywood, California on November 9th, 2008. It was a red carpet event. Jack Black was also in attendance as you can see the 2 photos I got of him posing with the Panda and one of Jack signing autographs for the fans. I feel bad for Jack because he was signing and then Angelina showed up. All the fans forgot about Jack and began pleading with Angelina Jolie to come over and sign autographs. Angelina, always a darling came over and signed numerous autographs. Brad Pitt was not in attendance. All photos were taken by me known as curls93. I also shot some video and will have it up shortly

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kendra Wilkinson was this the last time Hugh got frisky with her?

This is a video I shot of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner getting a little touchy feely with Kendra Wilkinson on the red carpet of a recent event. Watch closer and you can see Hugh grab Kendra, after that Kendra gets wild. She was looking very hot! This video was shot the time I was on the red carpet of the Really Awards show. After this event, Holly Madison and Kendra left Hugh and the mansion behind. Yesterday Kendra confirmed that she is ready to fill Hanks Basket. She is now engaged to NFl player Hank Basket.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Girl's Next Door star Holly Madison out on Sunset Strip

Girl's Next Door star Holly Madison was out on Sunset Strip with Linsay Crolius in front of billboard of the 2 of them, Please Adopt Don't Shop supporting Last Chance for Animals and www.BanPuppymills.com. Holly can be seen crossing the street. You hear some fans of Holly's yelling out to her. Holly recently broke up with long-time boyfriend Hugh Hefner and is reportedly now dating Criss Angel. Video was shot by Laphoto2006.

Lindsay Lohan loves Panda Express

Sexy redheaded actress Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about yesterday by the paparazzi. Lindsay can be seen chatting on the phone in the car as Samantha Ronson walks her dog. Sam talks about the ongoing Election battle and who she would vote for. Near the end of the video you can see Lindsay go inside a local Panda Express and then the paparazzi start to question her on the way out. Video was shot by Hollywoodtv.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kim Kardashin & Reggie Bush create Halloween Havoc.

Former Dancing with the Stars contestant Kim Kardashin was out on Halloween with her boyfriend Reggie Bush. Kim's sister Khloe was also there to grab some attention. This was outside STK restaurant. What do you think of their costumes? Was Kim looking sexy or what? Let me know by leaving comments. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Shauna Sand struts down Robertson Blvd

Sexy Blonde Shauna Sand was out at MAC on Robertson Blvd. Shauna can been seen inside the store. Once the Blonde plastic barbie decides to leave all the paparazzi come out of hiding and start to ask her questions. Shauna points out that she was recently on TMZ. Would you date this barbie doll made of plastic? Video shot by hollywoodtv.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jessica Simpson rushes to a Hospital!

Sexy Blonde singer, actress Jessica Simpson was out and about last night in Los Angeles. Jessica and her hair stylist Ken Paves decided to eat supper at the paparazzi hide out known as Madeo restaurant. Jessica and Ken had their supper and when they decided to leave Ken was trying to escort Jessica through the massive paparazzi crunch. Ken accidently got clipped by one of the paparazzi camera's and Jessica had her driver take him to the Hospital. Jessica then actually took Ken into the hospital. What do you think about the paparazzi madness? I'm all for taking celebrity pictures calmly. You always hear about paparazzi suing the celebrities for getting their foot run over or camera damaged, so why doesn't Ken sue the paparazzo whose camera struck him? Let me know what you think, should KEN sue or not? Video was shot by Hollywoodtv