Friday, November 14, 2008

UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar all bets are off

Ufc 91 the big showdown between Couture vs Lesnar all bets are off. Its classic story old lion vs new lion. Brock having only fought in the UFC twice is already getting a title shot. Couture having taking some time off is now back to see if he's still the man. I personally don't see Lesnar beating Couture. Randy is just too good, he's fought for the belt numerous times, against the best of the best with a 16-8 record. Lesnar could not beat Mir, and this fight will be the same. Brock might hurt Randy, might get him down but Brock will make a mistake and Randy will catch him and the fight will be over. The only way I see Brock winning is by first round knockout if he can connect. I see Randy taking this fight to the ground and just wearing down Brock. Randy will get Brock in the 3 round once Brock is tired and carrying around all that body weight. One thing is for sure, it will be interesting. So who you betting on, Old Lion or young Lion? Let me know your thoughts on this epic battle by leaving me a comment. Randy 3 round submission

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