Monday, November 10, 2008

Jennifer Aniston swarmed like never before!

Jennifer Aniston decided that on friday november 7th,2008 she would go eat lunch at the Ivy restaurant on Robertson Blvd. That was a very bad idea JEN. Ivy is paparazzi central. If you watch the video below that was shot by Kattalestv you can find more of her work on youtube you'll see why it was such a bad idea for Jen. Poor Jen, could barely move as the paparazzi swarmed around her like bees on honey. As i've stated numerous times I like getting celebrity pictures and video but not like that. When all hell breaks loose the cops should be called to handle those aggressive pests that won't make space for Jen to get through safely. If the celebrity feels safe then most of them will let you get your stuff or even put up with the dumb questions they get asked. But when the celebrity can't see one foot in front of themselves and fear their safety that's when cops must be called. Do you have an opinion if so leave comments.

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