Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas special with Ashley Greene

Here is some video I shot a while back of Twilight mega-hottie Ashley Greene arriving to a gifting party with her loveable doggie. I decided to finally put this video back up just in time for Christmas so I hope all you fans enjoy it.

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth spotted together

A while back I shot this exclusive video of Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth arriving to a gifting party. Now these two diva's are best known for being on the show THe Hills. ALl I can say is that Lauren is not overly friendly. Actually I have met her twice now and she is just down right stuck up. I often laugh at these so called celebrities who think they are all that to talk to paparazzi. I shot video mainly for fellow fans but when you encounter rude celebs it just makes you think, why do we support there shows? They get paid big bucks and forget about the little people that made them who they are.