Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gerard Butler

Well I'm wondering if anyone has any information on Gerard Butler's next movie premiere's. I know they usually post the info in advance but he must be due to have something out soon. I always love taking pics and video of Gerry because he is always funny and entertaining the times i have seen him. If any of Gerard Butler fans have any info and wanna share it with me, leave me a comment on this story.
Till we meet again Gerry!

Michael J. Fox delights fans at Jimmy Kimmel live show

On April 28,2009 actor Michael J. Fox was at the Jimmy Kimmel Live guest. I went to try and get some pictures of the great actor. I have been a fan of his since I was a young kid, watching Family Ties and of course his great movies in Back to the Future where he played Marty. I also loved Michael's work in Spin City so I could not pass up the opportunity to finally see such a great person. Michael has been dealing with Parkinsons disease so I did not know if he would be able to come over to greet his fans. When Michael J. Fox finally arrived and had enough time to come over to the fans it got absolutely crazy. It was great seeing Michael up close and personal, the guy is just plain awesome. Considering he has Parkinson's disease and could have used that as an excuse not to come over, I really appreciate him coming over I finally got to meet one of my true idol's as a kid. Thanks Michael for making April 28,2009 an unforgettable day and I wish all the best to you and your family!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jen Garner signs autograph on fans arm

Actress Jen Garner was super cool to all her fans that attended her latest movie premiere Ghosts of Girlfriends Past on April 27,2009 down in Hollywood. Jen came over and signed for Tattoogirl on her arm. Tattoogirl gets the celebrities to sign an autograph on her skin and then she gets it made into a tattoo. Jen had no problems signing and she looked radiant as ever. Jen is best known for being on the former show Alias. Jen was not accompanied by Ben Affleck on this evening. Make sure you check out the few pictures i took of Jen by following the link in the video information. Let me know what you think of Jen Garner signing for tattoogirl

Michael Douglas scary picture

Below is some video I shot of actor Michael Douglas. Michael was at his new movie premiere for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Michael arrived with his son, Catherine Zeta-Jones was no where in sight. Now I was trying to find the afterparty and I noticed security trying to escort Michael Douglas to secret destination when I managed to take a picture of him. You can find the link to this funny face picture of michael by watching the video. The link to the picture is in the video information. If you check out any of my pictures then this is the one you MUST look at. Its absolutely funny. He looks scared in the picture!

Matthew McConaughey charms fans @ Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Below is a video I shot of actor Matthew McConaughey at his latest movie premiere in Hollywood Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Matthew has always been great with his adoring fans and this was no different. Matthew arrived with his girlfriend and babies mama Camilla Alves. After walking half of the red carpet Matthew came over to greet and sign autographs for all the fans that had ensembled. Watch as Matthew interacts up close and personal with his fans. Also in the video information box you will find a link to a few pictures I took, have a look and let me know if you like the video and the pictures. Feel free to tell me your feelings about Matthew

Friday, April 24, 2009

American Idol Scott MacIntyre already forgotten

Last night when I was down in Hollywood awaiting Elisha Cuthbert to arrive to a tv show taping I noticed American Idol star Scott MacIntyre. Scott MacIntyre was being lead down the back alley by his brother and entourage. At that point none of the other fans realized who he was so I started shooting pictures of Scott. After getting a few pictures I wanted some video and told Scott that he did a great job on this years American Idol. Scott was gracious. After Scott walked by the rest of the fans they finally realized who he was and then a few fans wanted to get some pictures with the American Idol cast-off. Scott was cool and stopped to pose for a picture with a fan who was in a wheel-chair. I was rooting for Scott on the show, because he was a great singer and he is visually impaired. Scott came in 8th on the American Idol but thats good enough to get him on the American Idol tour. If you have a chance to see them perform you should. Check out the short video of Scott meet and greet with fans below. There is a link in the video info to some pictures that I took, have a look at those as well.

Channing Tatum is a FIGHTING machine

Last night I had the chance to meet actor Channing Tatum. Channing was down in Hollywood promoting his latest movie coming out this weekend called FIGHTING. Channing has been in some decent movies in the past but I think 2009 will be his break out year as in way of superstardom. Channing not only has Fighting coming out but he has Public Enemies as well as G.I Joe. I think all three movies are gonna be huge successes and thus Channing will become a superstar. Let's hope Channing stays as cool as he was last night as Channing came over signed up a storm of autographs and posed for some pictures with fans. You can see the video I shot of Channing Tatum below and if you wanna see some pictures of channing just follow the link in the video info. Do you like Channing Tatum, if so feel free to comment!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hugh Jackman steps into cement!

Today I was down in hollywood early to get a good seat on the bleachers. I was front row in the center and got some great video of Australian actor Hugh Jackman getting his Hands and Feet imprinted in cement in front of the Graumann's Chinese Theater. Hugh was super nice to all the fans that showed up and below is the part where Hugh stepped into the cement feet first. If you a Hugh Jackman fan you gotta check it out! Make sure you watch my other 3 videos I got of the Wolverine star as well.

Hugh Jackman stepping into the cement

Hugh Jackman video talking before Hands/Feet cementing

Below is part of what Actor Hugh Jackman had to say at his Hand and Feet cement imprintin today out on the Hollywood Blvd. The Australain actor was honoured on APril 21,2009 down in Hollywood. Hugh had a huge fan support as people came from all over the world. Some fans were from Australia to support there mate while others travelled from Brazil. Anyways have a listen to some of what Hugh said, this is the scaled down version. Also check out my other videos that I shot of him when he actually got down and dirty. I hope you the fans enjoy them.

Hugh Jackman hands cemented video

Hey all Hugh Jackman fans. April 21,2009 Hugh Jackman got his hands and feet imprinted in cement down in hollywood, check the video I shot below of when Hugh got his hands dirty. Also if you wanna see some hot photos I took of Hugh Jackman follow this link Also in the video is late night host Jay Leno who was a guest speaker.

Hugh Jackman get his hands full of cement

Hugh Jackman get his Hands and Feet put in cement

April 21,2009 I just got back from the Hugh Jackman getting his hands and feet put in cement down in front of Graumann's Chinese Theater. Alot of fans were on hand to cheer on the Wolverine actor on his big day. The Australian born actor even had some diehard fans arrive all the way from Australia. I was lucky enough to get there early and get a great spot front row on the bleahers to shoot video of the event. I'll have video up of the event shortly. Let me know how much of a fan you are of Hugh Jackman by leaving me some comments! You can see some of the great photos I took of Hugh by following this link

Hugh Jackman arrives to his hands and Feet ceremony

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sean Astin goes off on fan who calls him RUDY

Over the weekend I had a chance to meet actor Sean Astin. Sean has most recently been involved with the Harry Potter movie but most fans with probably remember Sean from his football movie "Rudy" based on a real life story. The real life story is of Rudy Ruettiger an undersized player who dreamed of playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It is a great movie and you have to listen to what Sean says when one of the fans at the Earth event that was held in Hollywood, California over the weekend. One fans starts chanting Rudy as Sean is signing autographs. Gotta watch to see Sean's reaction, it was pretty funny!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Video of Zac Efron creating chaos down in Hollywood

April 16,2009 the one and only Zac Efron was down in Hollywood, California at the Jimmy Kimmel show. Vanessa Hudgens also was there with her man Zac Efron. Zac was there to promote his latest movie 17 Again but all those teenagers tonight love him as Troy in the High School Musical movies. Zac came over to greet his fans after the show and all HELL broke loose. Rabid young teenagers began pushing to try and get a glimpse of Mr. Efron. Security did there best to keep the crowd calm but it was not possible. I had my sunglasses broken in all the chaos. I had them in my camera pouch and was getting jumped over by this one crazed Zac Efron fan. You'll have to watch the video I shot of the Zac Efron madness!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Miley Cyrus causes Fan madness video

So last night on April 2,2009 was Miley Cyrus's new movie premiere Hanna Montana Movie held in Los Angeles. I got there pretty early only to find out Miley was already in the building. Alot of fans had assembled off to the side hoping Miley would come out. It was bitterly cold on this day and it was a long wait, but after nearly 2 hours and half of waiting Miley Cyrus emerged from the building. Miley tried to come over to the fans, but security was everywhere and the fans got a little pushy trying to capture Miley's autograph that she only signed for a few and posed for one quick picture. Check out my video I shot of the madness known as Miley Cyrus, Hanna Montana.

Miley causes fans to go wild!

Anna Faris looking beautiful at Jimmy Kimmel April 2,2009

Last night I was down in Hollywood to try and get some video of Miley Cyrus at her movie premiere of Hanna Montana Show. Having only got a bit of Miley video I saw a bunch of commotion off to the side. When I went back I saw sexy blonde actress Anna Faris walking over to meet and greet with the fans. Vin Diesel was also signing some autographs. Now Anna Faris looked very sexy on this evening as you can see in the video if you watch it below. Anna was previously in the housebunny and she is truly a bunny you would like to keep in the house.

ANNA FARIS so sexy video signing for fans at Jimmy Kimmel Live April 2,2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holly Madison talks about Dancing with the Stars

March 31,2009 Girls Next Door Holly Madison got the boot last night from Dancing with the Stars. I caught Holly out and about at a tv show taping down at the Jimmy Kimmel show. Holly seemed in good spirits considering America just voted her off DWTS. Hear what Holly Madison had to say by watching my video below.

Curls93 meets Michelle Rodriguez all caught on video

On march 31,2009 I had the chance to finally meet actress Michelle Rodriguez. Michelle is best known for being on the tv show Lost and in the movie Fast and the Furious. Having never met Michelle before I did not know what to expect. Would she be nice or a diva. Well folks Michelle Rodriguez is a superb nice lady as she spent about 10-15 mins maybe more interacting with her fans. Michelle was out in hollywood,california to do a tv show taping to help promote the latest installment in the Fast and the Furious movies. I shot so much video of her I had to put it into 4 different clips. Michelle was such a sweetheart as she posed for pictures, signed alot of autographs to the point where she must have had writer's cramp. Michelle was also very chatty laughing it up with fans along the way talking about various things as you can see by watching all the clips. One autograph guy was happy to get a bunch of autographs from her so he did something special for Michelle. When Michelle went into the show to do her taping the autograph guy took off to buy michelle a few roses. You'll have to watch the video to see Michelle thank the fella and give him a kiss on the cheek. I can only hope that Michelle gets more movie roles or gets back on a tv show because I'd love to meet her again. Celebrities like her that take their time and are not rushed for no one are hard to find. Thanks for being a sweetheart Michelle. Got an opinion, let me know by leaving comments!

VIDEO #1 of Michelle Rodriguez being a sweetheart
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FAN gives a few roses to Michelle Rodriguez and get a kiss


AMAZING how nice Michelle was to her fans