Friday, April 3, 2009

Miley Cyrus causes Fan madness video

So last night on April 2,2009 was Miley Cyrus's new movie premiere Hanna Montana Movie held in Los Angeles. I got there pretty early only to find out Miley was already in the building. Alot of fans had assembled off to the side hoping Miley would come out. It was bitterly cold on this day and it was a long wait, but after nearly 2 hours and half of waiting Miley Cyrus emerged from the building. Miley tried to come over to the fans, but security was everywhere and the fans got a little pushy trying to capture Miley's autograph that she only signed for a few and posed for one quick picture. Check out my video I shot of the madness known as Miley Cyrus, Hanna Montana.

Miley causes fans to go wild!

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