Friday, October 31, 2008

Tila Tequila talks about flashing her tits!

So reality tv star Tila Tequila was out and about talking about Halloween. Tila told paparazzi that she will be attending Christian Audigier party. Tila also held up Millions for Milkshakes advertisement. Tila also talked about flashing her tits! What else would we expect from this trailertrash woman. Video was shot by Hollywoodtv.

Eva Longoria is she a desperate housewife?

In the video below is Actress Eva Longoria from ABC hit tv show Desperate Housewives. Eva can be seen leaving the Blackberry Party in Beverly Hills. What's funny is Eva's husband Tony Parker is no where to be seen. However, Eva's good friend Mario Lopez can be seen leaving with Eva. I'm not sure if Mario got into the car with Eva or not. Eva and Tony seem to have a good loving marriage going. I just think it is strange that Mario always seems to be around. I wonder if when Tony Parker is gone alot for the NBA season if Eva Longoria-Parker turns into a Desperate Housewife? Perhaps Mario Lopez is there to fill in for Tony? What do you think about this relationship between Eva and Mario? Are they strictly friends? Perhaps they are friends with benefits? Let me know by leaving a comment. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heidi Klum has some very sexy secrets!

Sexy supermodel Heidi Klum is teaming up once again with Victoria Secret to release Heidi's new make-up line called "Very Sexy". Heidi talks about how it will be affordable. She also shows people how to apply the make-up. Heidi also names her 3 top sexy secrets. If you wanna hear what Heidi had to say then check out the video shot below by tvguide.

Carmen Electra gets her nails done

So Sexy actress Carmen Electra got her nails done yesterday in Beverly Hills. Carmen didn't want any free milkshakes though. The paparazzi were offering free milkshakes and Carmen and her man said no. The former baywatch star has been staying out of the limelight recently. Nice to see her back in action! Video shot by hollywoodtv

Lisa Rinna gets rubbed down

Well another day in Beverly Hills means another celebrity sighting. Paparazzi caught Lisa Rinna enjoying a rubdown. Lisa was getting her nails down. One thing about Lisa is she is always very talkative towards the paparazzi. Video was shot by Hollywoodtv. The picture of Lisa I took of her with her husband leaving the TV Guide party.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amanda Bynes is a shy girl!

Amanda Bynes was caught shopping out with a friend on Beverly Hills. The paparazzi spotted the young actress and decided to ask her a few questions. Amanda was a little shy at first but seemed to answer most the questions asked her way. I've had the pleasure of meeting this young starlet and she is a very nice person. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Paris Hilton in Italy

This is a video of Heiress Paris Hilton. The Blonde, hottie or nottie star was oversears doing some promotional work. Paris always draws a big crowd so security was at the max. Good thing she is not the president of the US. The Us would go bankrupt just trying to protect her. Video was shot by pporta. You can find more of his videos on

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 takes #1 in Theaters

So High School Musical 3 was released in theaters worldwide over the weekend and of course the movie was number #1 most watched movie around the world. High School Musical movie premiere was recently out in Los Angeles, below is a video I found on youtube of the coverage.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

UFC 90 PATRICK "the Predator" COte injured

Yes I'm Canadian Originally and I have been a big fan of Patrick the Predator Cote since his TKO days. Tonight was to be Patrick's night as he had a chance to face Anderson the spider Silva. Nobody and I mean Nobody gave the Canadian fighter a chance to get past the first round. Patrick not only stood his ground but also seemed to be in Silva's head for his knockout power. The fight lasted into the 3rd round as I would say it was 1-1 in rounds. However, bad break for Patrick Cote as he blew out his knee just about 1 minute into the 3 round. Patrick is the first guy in a long time to last that long with Anderson Silva. You could hear Patrick apologizing after the fight but my only hope is that Dana White gives this Canadian one more shot. No one expected this fight to go past the first round. I was rooting for Patrick and all but no one could have expected him to make it into round 3. Too bad for Patrick that his knee blew out because IF he was gonna lose I wanted it to be better then that. Patrick showed how much he has improved because alot of MMA fighters would have been out in the first round against Silva. Let's hope Patrick recovers quickly and that the UFC president Dana White gives Patrick a rematch. I think he earned it. Let me know your opinions on the fight and whether or not Patrick the Predator Cote deserves another go at the title.

Heather Graham looking great in red dress!

So Heather Graham actress of such movies of Boogie Nights and Austin Powers 2. Heather was spotted outside Koi waiting for her car. Heather hasn't had a good movie come out in a while but she still looks great. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blonde babe Charlize Theron being nice to paparazzi

So the beautiful blonde actress Charlize Theron was actually in good spirits as paparazzi caught her at the Roosevelt Hotel. Charlize looked stunning as always. The babe however was being super nice which is not always her way. Charlize was joined by her mom so I think that is why she was being so nice to everyone. Video shot by hollywoodtv.

Clint Eastwood makes paparazzi's day

Actor and legend Clint Eastwood was spotted arriving to Madeo's restaurant. Clint arrived with family and friends. Clint was in town for Changeling movie premiere.
In the second video Clint Eastwood is seen at Dan Tana's. Clint gets swarmed by autograph collectors as he is leaving. Clint was pretty nice considering the madness and signed as many as possible. Clint even signed a few more once he got in his car. Both videos were shot by Hollywoodtv.

Paparazzi chaos for Michael Jackson

Pop legend Michael Jackson was out shopping in Los Angeles for antiques. Too bad for Michael that Los Angeles is paparazzi central. Paparazzi swarm the pop legend on his way into the store. While Michael shops the paparazzi return to normal. Or at least as normal as can be. Once Michael is ready to leave then all hell breaks loose. You see camera's shaking, the video goes all shaky because people are pushing trying to get shots of the pop superstar. Michael was pretty cool all things considered as once he gets inside the getaway vehicle he rolls down the window so the paparazzi could get some more shots. Michael should have told the paparazzi to "beat it". Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Which Hot & Sexy Supermodel shopped at the Grove?

Another day in Los Angeles, another celebrity spotted out and about shopping. So what hot and sexy supermodel was it. Well it was none other then Heidi Klum. Heidi can be seen walking through the grove with security protection. Heidi remains quiet as she shops. I really like Heidi just provided Seal(husband) is nowhere to be seen. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Britney Spears and kids at pumpkin patch

Well singer/actress Britney Spears decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. The video is pretty funny because the paparazzi is there trying to get pictures of Britney but Britney has a few shot blockers in the way. One shot blocker is holding an umbrella the entire time and another just stands in the way attempting to block the paparazzi shots. At least Britney is looking healthy nowadays. If your fan of Britney and her new song Womanizer then feel free to leave a comment. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jaime Pressly "Watch my Car"

So actress Jaime Pressly was out shopping in Beverly Hills. Lucky for her she was spotted by the paparazzi. You can see Jaime shopping and paying the valet guy and then when the Blonde stuck-up actress was ready to leave she tells paparazzi to "watch my car". I personally don't like Jaime, I've seen her twice since being out in Los Angeles and both times at movie premieres she has snubbed her fans that wanted pictures and autographs. She's just another d-lister who thinks she is an A-lister. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brooke Burke can she be beat on DWTS

Dancing with the Stars Hottie Brooke Burke were greeted by fans and paparazzi leaving II Sole. Brooke was joined for supper with her husband Dave Charvet. Brooke seems to be the favorite to win Dancing with the Stars. On last night's results show Toni Braxton was voted off. With Brooke's good looks and great dance moves, will anyone be able to stop her from winning the Dancing with the Star's title? Feel free to leave a comment. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Ashley Olson leaves Orso!

The former Full House star was caught leaving Orso yesterday by the paparazzi. Poor Ashley, looked like she hated the attention. She didn't even pimp out her book signing which is taking place next month. You can see why most celebrities hate the paparazzi, there was pretty much no room for Ashley to walk to her vehicle. Let me know if you would punch the paparazzi for blocking your way by leaving a comment. This video was shot by Laphoto2006.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gerard Butler video site

Well I know alot of people love scottish actor Gerard Butler. I've seen him 3 times since moving out to Los Angeles. Gerard Butler is always nice to his fans and has alot of fans around the world. I recently saw Gerard at RocknRolla Los Angeles premiere where I was able to get photo's and video of him. You can check those out in some previous posts. I just wanted to let all the Gerard Butler fans know that I recently added some more great Gerard Butler videos that I found online and linked them to the which is the video widget off to the right of this blog. What's great about the Gerry video site is that it has alot of great Gerard Butler moments from past interviews, movie trailers featuring Gerry and so on. This site also allows fans to upload there own Gerry videos that they come across and wish to add to the site. Make sure to check it out and feel free to add any great Gerard Butler clips you come across that are not already on the site. Check back often I try to find new great Gerry clips weekly!!!

Sexy Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara was caught by the paparazzi shopping on Rodeo dr. Sofia looked stunning as always and gave a few waves to the camera. Sofia talks a little bit in spanish. Video shot by hollywoodtv.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blonde Shauna Sand with french guy

Blonde Shauna Sand was with a french guy leaving One Night Club. Shauna looked slutty as ever. You can hear that Shauna isn't as dumb as everyone thinks she is. She actually spoke a little french with the french guy. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Blonde mommy Nicole Richie

Blonde mommy Nicole Richie was spotted leaving La Conversation. The paparazzi compliment Nicole and ask her questions trying to entice some sort of response from the Blonde mom. Nicole was quiet in all the chaos. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Jack Black gets chased by the Paparazzi while biking!!!

So actor Jack Black was over at the park on the weekend and of course so were the local paparazzi. Jack was biking around and they paparazzi chase him around to get pictures and get video of him. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mark Wahlberg wants to punch someone in the nose! WHO?

Actor Mark Wahlberg was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and Jimmy decided to find out Mark's opinion on a skit done by SNl's Adam Samberg. The skit is actually funny but Mark didn't think it was funny. Find out what Mark Wahlberg had to say about it by watching the video below. Mark after the show came over and signed for fans and you can see video and pictures of that below as well.

Mark Wahlberg pictures & video greeting his fans

Actor Mark Wahlberg was out in Hollywood promoting his new movie "Max Payne". Mark was at a tv show and arrived a little late so he told the fans that he would sign autographs later. After the taping Mark kept his word and came over to sign autographs for around 25 fans that had assembled. Mark said "I gotta make it fast I gotta get home to my babies". Even after saying that Mark made sure that all fans got an autograph or picture with him. Mark showed no "Fear" as he allowed many fans to get up close and personal. This was my first time meeting the man and I must say he is a really nice guy and treats his fans well. My all time favorite movie or Mark Wahlberg is Basketball Diaries also starring Leo Dicaprio. I look forward to watching Max Payne in the near future. Below is a video clip of Mark greeting all the fans shot by Hollywoodtv. I'm the guy with the Dewalt hat and got a picture with Mark. Thanks Mark, till next time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eva Mendes appears at Calvin Klein looking HOT in red dress

Sexy actress Eva Mendes appeared at Calvin Klein. Eva looked radiant in a stunning red dress. You can hear numerous paparazzi asking Eva to turn towards them so the paparazzi could get their shots. Eva tries to satisfy them and blows them kisses. Video was shot by Mr.Paparazzi.

ZAC EFRON and Corbin Bleu signing autographs

Some of the High School Musical stars were out at Radio 1 in London doing promotional work for the new High School Musical 3 "Senior Year" movie. Zac seems to only sign one or two autographs and Corbin seems to sign alot of autographs. Vanessa Hudgens can be seen at the beginning of the video arriving. Vanessa's publicist seems to stop her from signing. Tomorrow is the Los Angeles premiere of High School Musical 3. If your gonna be there and wanna share some photo's send them my way. Video was shot by Mr.Paparazzi.

Miley Cyrus launches her Milkshake!!!

Yes folks, the teenager who already has everything Miley Cyrus has officially launched her own Milkshake at Millions for Milkshakes. Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montana already has a hit tv show, she is already a singing sensation. With all that money she and fame she recently shut down Disneyland so she could have her sweet 16th birthday party there. AND NOW THIS A MILKSHAKE LAUNCH. Miley should have launched her milkshake at the paparazzi. Video was shot by Hollywoodtv

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wannabe toughguy gets choked out at One Night club

Gotta love video like these. This wannabe badass toughguy starts running his mouth at security at One Night club. Can you guess what happened to the big talker. He gets choked out by the security. Then the security release him and give him a chance to walk away with dignity(or at least without an arrest). Toughguy having not learned his lesson the first time tries to pick on another security guard. More rough stuff happens till the cops show up to arrest the wannabe toughguy. Off to Jail for you. Video was shot by Hollywoodtv

Avril Lavigne out with her hubby

Do you think Avril read the rumors about herself? Rumors have been swirling that the canadian singer is on the verge of breaking off her marriage to Derrick. Last night the celebrity couple decided to eat some supper at Madeo's. What do you think are these 2 gonna break-up? Does anyone really care? Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jack Black & Susan Sarandon/ Tim Robbins video

This is some video I shot of Tim Robbins receiving his star on the Hollywood walk of fame. I shot this video on October 10th,2008. Check out my other article for some of the pictures i shot at the ceremony.

This is video I shot of Jack Black, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins all signing autographs at Tim's star unveiling on October 10,2008.

Which celebrities love to play in the pumpkin patch?

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took their youngsters to the local pumpkin patch over the weekend. The paparazzi were trying to suck up to Gavin so that he would speak to them. For the most part the happy celebrity couple remain quiet.

Actress Sara Gilbert best known for her role as Darlene on RoseAnne was spotted arriving to the pumkin patch with her family over the weekend.

Blonde Shauna Sand stopped by the pumpkin patch with her family over the weekend. Shauna is a walking piece of plastic. You just don't know what is real and what is made of plastic. You can hear the Tmz moron ask her another retarded question near the end.

Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross showed up with her youngster to buy a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Doesn't take much to get these paparazzi excited.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took their youngsters to the pumkpin patch over the weekend. The proud parents of 2 children seem to be having a great time. Dean though needed a little help from the pappers to get his camera working.

all videos in this article were shot by hollywoodtv

Tobey Maguire spins a web at the pumpkin patch

So actor Tobey Maguire(Spider Man) was out at the local pumpkin patch over the weekend with his family. Tobey was being a videographer for the day filming his family having fun. The paparazzi were there to greet Tobey on his way out of the patch. Tobey already has his costume for Halloween. He will dress up as Spider-Man!
Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Which Sex and the City star ate at IVY restaurant?

Another day in Los Angeles another celebrity eats lunch at the Ivy restaurant. Which Sex and the City star was it? Well it was known other then Cynthia Nixon. Cynthia was quiet, no words to the paparazzi. Video was shot by hollywoodtv.

check out the time I met Cynthia Nixon promoting the Sex and the City movie, she wasn't wearing a bra!

Tim Robbins gets his star on Hollywood Blvd

Well today actor Tim Robbins got his star unveiled on the Hollywood boulevard. I went down to take in the action and got these pictures. You see Tim in a few, Tim's wife and fellow actress Susan Sarandon and actor Jack Black were also there to support Tim's big day. Jack Black was a guest speaker for the event as well as Susan both gave a speech on behalf Tim Robbins. Tim's best movie for me is The ShawShank Redemption. Morgan Freeman was not there which was dissapointing. All three celebrities, Jack Black, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins signed for the fans that were there to witness the star unveiling. I shot some video of the event and hope to have it up shortly so keep checking back.

Kim Kardashian out shopping on Robertson Blvd

Sexy actress Kim Kardashian was out shopping for make-up yesterday on Robertson Blvd. Kim was most recently voted off the Reality tv show "Dancing with the Stars". Since Kim was voted off I have yet to check out on the show. Now that Kim is back to her own show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" I'll be checking it out later this year. I'm actually gonna be on the show in an episode, Kim will be signing autographs after leaving a tv show and that is when I met Kim and got an autograph from her. Kim has been a busy girl this week and she was out celebrating on sunday with her Boyfriend Reggie Bush because Reggie had a great game in which he ran 2 punt returns for touchdowns. I'm pretty sure Reggie scored a touchdown later that night with Kim too! Video was captured by Hollywoodtv

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron touchdown at LAX

Perhaps the 2 biggest stars right now Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were spotted arriving at Lax. The happy celebrity couple were arriving back from the London movie premiere of High School Musical 3. Next week is the Los Angeles movie premiere of High School Musical 3. I won't be there in attendance, however, If you should go and wanna share your photos then feel free to send them my way. Video was captured by Hollywoodtv.

Tim Robbins is getting his star unveiled!

Did you like the movie Bull Durham, Mystic River or the movie this actor is best known for is his role in The Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins is finally getting his star unveiled down in Hollywood this morning and I'll be there getting pictures and video for all his fans to see around the world. Should be a great time and what's best about these things is you never know what celebrity is gonna show up and give support. Will Morgan Freeman show up to support Tim. Check back at 1pm Eastern Time and I should have more for the story.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gerard Butler photos/videos

These are some photos I had on file of Gerard Butler. The first one is from RocknRolla premiere in Los Angeles, the other 3 photos of Gerry I took at the Nim's Island premiere a few months ago. Check out some of my other stories on Gerry and you will see video I've shot of him plus some other pictures as well.
In other Gerard Butler news yesterday there were allegations that Gerry got into an altercation with a scumbag paparazzo for tailing Gerry leaving the Crown Bar. No updates to mention regarding this story as we speak. Just wanted to point out that to the right of my blog is a widget of a site I started about Gerard Butler. It only features Gerard Butler videos that i've found on the internet. Some interviews of him talking about his work, appearances on Jay Leno and other tv shows. Most are pretty funny. What's great about the widget for is that not only can you watch the videos i've linked but you yourself can add any great Gerry videos that you know of by going to the submit section. So don't be shy, lets make this the best place to find great Gerard Butler videos on the internet.

Ashley Scott signs near someone ladies breasts

Blonde Ashley Scott was caught leaving Crown Night club last night. Ashley was very sweet and signed plenty of autographs for the fans. Ashley even signed for one lady right above the ladies breasts. Ashley even liked some of the photographs the autograph seekers had so she asked if she could have one for her mom. At the end of the video Ashley gives an autograph seeker a kiss on the cheek. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

High School Musical 3 London premiere

Celebrity arrivals to the High School Musical 3 London premiere. You see Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Jonathan Ross and Alesha Dixon. The premiere was held at the Empire Cinema. Next week is the Los Angeles premiere of High School Musical 3. I think I'm going to pass on going to get footage just because it will be utter madness. If you watch the video below you will know what I mean. I would need to bring earplugs to block out all the screaming young fans that will be in attendance. Vanessa looked radiant at the London premiere. If your a fan of High School Musical then let me know how excited you are to see the new movie by leaving a comment on the story. Better yet, If your in Los Angeles and going to attend, send me some photos to post up!!! Video shot by Mr.Paparazzi

Gerard Butler did he strike a paparazzi?

All Gerard Butler fans unite. As I stated earlier in the day there allegations of Gerard Butler allegedly striking a paparazzi who was tailing him last night after leaving the Crown Bar. Now TMZ has the latest on the story. You can see a picture of the paparazzi scumbag who Gerard Butler supposedly got into an altercation with. This just sounds like a scumbag trying to cash in on a celebrity who bitch slapped him for good reason too. The only thing this scumbag doesn't know is that Gerard Butler may or may not have got him last night, but Gerard's fans will eat that scumbag for lunch to defend Gerry. NOBODY messes with Gerard! Ain't that right ladies? I wonder what celebrity agency employs this scumbag. The agency and the paparazzi scumbag should be charged with Stalking. Leave comments regarding this scumbag paparazzo looking to cash in on Gerard and I'll post them as they come in. Make sure you check out the pics and video from Gerry at Rocknrolla movie premiere that I took myself below.

Lindsay Lohan out shopping

Sexy actress Lindsay Lohan was spotted out shopping by the paparazzi. You see Samantha Ronson depart before Lindsay. Lindsay did not speak to the paparazzi on her way out of the store. You can hear the one camera guy who works for TMZ ask Linsday "when you getting married"? Personally I'm all for getting celebrity pictures and celebrity videos but to be routinely asked the same braindead questions is annoying. Why don't you ask her questions like what is she currently working on? This is the reason why you hear of the paparazzi getting attacked. Stupid questions sometimes lead to stupid things happening! Video was shot by Hollywoodtv.

Heidi Klum eats at Madeo

Sexy Supermodel Heidi Klum was out eating supper at Madeo's last night. Heidi was not with her husband Seal. She was with a friend. Heidi was asked to sign a couple autographs but she did not. I think she blew off the autograph seekers because of all the camera's. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Gerard Butler "did he rough up a paparazzi"?

Scottish actor Gerard Butler is a hit with all the ladies around the world for being a sexy man. Reports are going around that the "The 300" star allegedly got into an altercation with a paparazzi that was tailing Gerard as Gerard left Crown bar at 2:00am on tuesday night. The paparazzi claims he was tailing Gerry's Limo and the limo stopped. Gerry supposedly got out of the limo and got into the altercation with the paparazzi for tailing him. The paparazzi went to the hospital for stitches and filed a police report regarding the altercation. Gerry allegedly punched the photographer and kicked his car as well. LAPD are looking into the case and plan on interviewing Gerard regarding the allegations. My personal opinion on the matter is get your photo's of Gerry leaving the Crown Bar and then leave him alone.
Gerry has been in town promoting his new movie being released RockNrolla. I was there at the Los Angeles premiere to get photos, video and an autograph from him. You can see my coverage of the event below. Let's hope Gerry doesn't get in trouble. Perhaps the LAPD should look into the photographer and his agency for "stalking"?? Do you have an opinion on this matter? If so leave a comment and i'll post it for everyone to see. GO GERRY GO!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gerard Butler keeps going pee! "Tonight Show" video

This is video of Gerard Butler on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jay and Gerard talk about many stories. They make for some great video. Maybe these two celebrities should team up more often because by the time they near the end of the segment Gerard talks about a time about when he kept going pee. The last 2 minutes of the video should have you busting up with laughter. Classic Jay Leno and Gerard Butler.

Sexy Latina Salma Hayek out in London

Well below is a video of sexy latina actress Salma Hayek out and about in London. This lovely lady is such a nice person. Salma stops to sign autographs for all her fans over in London. Salma took her time signed as many as possible even as her security says "we gotta go". Motherhood seems to be treating Salma very nicely as she looked radiant as ever. The video was shot by Mr.Paparazzi.

Sexy pictures of Gerard Butler

Hey all Gerard Butler fans, let me know if you like the pictures I got of Gerard from last nights Rocknrolla movie premiere held in Los Angeles. Check below and you can see the pictures and video from all times that i've seen Gerry. Express your love for the sexy actor by leaving comments on my stories. I wanna hear from Gerard's biggest fans and let me know what is your favorite movie that he has done thus far.

Gerard Butler is a sexy beast at RocknRolla premiere in Los Angeles

Hello all die hard Gerard Butler fans. So last night was the big Los Angeles premiere of Gerard's new movie RockNRolla. I was there getting an autograph, pictures and some great video coverage for all of you diehard fans that are not able to attend or ever see Gerard. Gerard did the red carpet, he was running late but he still came over and took time to sign for autographs for all the fans that showed up hours before the premiere to get in line to see him. Gerry even posed for a few pictures with some lucky ladies. Gerard also met a fan who was in a wheelchair. This guy is a class act. Only problem is Gerry doesn't have enough movies I only get to see him once every couple of months. Anyways, If you like Gerard then make sure you check out all my pics and videos i've gotten of Gerry not only from Rocknrolla but as well as Nim's Island and P.S. I love you. Till the next time Gerry

Gerard Butler @ RockNRolla premiere in LA

Hey all Gerard Butler fans, the first 2 videos below are the videos I shot myself of Gerard at RocknRolla premiere in Los Angeles. Gerry took the time to sign for his fans prior to entering the theater. It was a little dark by the time Gerry arrived. I was able to get an autograph of Gerry plus a few pictures all while getting this great video for all his fans around the world. I hope all of you can appreciate the fact I had to wait 4 hours to finally see him and get this great video for all of you to enjoy. I do it for all the fans that can't make it out to see their favorite celebrities so if you like the video then drop me a line and let me know. Thanks to all the Gerard Butler fan sites as well for linking my videos around and getting them seen by his true fans. Till next time Gerry! E-mail comments to

Here is a few pictures that I took as well

Gerry Butler signs for his fans at RockNRolla

Gerry denies Autograph seeker finally at RockNRolla premiere

Gerard Butler photo from Nim's Island Premiere

Gerry at Nim's Island(this is my best Gerard Butler Video)

Gerry's arrival to Nim's Island

Gerard Butler video from P.S I love you where fan asks Gerry if he is single!!

Handrawn picture of Gerard Butler, which Gerard signed at P.S I love you

Gerard Butler signs my nephews handrawing

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mischa Barton shops at Rite Aid after her Root Canal Surgery

Sexy Actress Mischa Barton formerly on the OC was caught shopping at Rite Aid after her root canal surgery. Mischa was in too much pain to talk to the paparazzi. Its been a rough year for the starlet she was popped for DUI a while back and now a Root Canal. Some girls just can't catch a break. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Miley Cyrus shops before her birthday party

Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana was out shopping with a bunch of friends before her birthday party at Disneyland. Miley was shopping at Forever 21. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Blonde babe Katherine Heigl "when are you gonna have a baby"

Sexy Blonde and Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl was spotted leaving a Brazilian restaurant recently. The video was shot by Hollywoodtv and the paparazzi decides to ask "Katherine when she is planning to have a baby"? I think she keeps putting the baby off because she can't seem to kick her nasty habit of smoking cigarettes.

Gwen Stefani takes her family to park

Sexy Blonde Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale to their young family to the park for a family fun day. Gwen and Gavin seem to keep it fun for the kids even with the paparazzi always near by. Gwen is of course from the band "No Doubt" and Gavin used to be with "Bush". They seem they a great celebrity couple. You never hear any stories of them fighting or anything like that. All Gwen and Gavin seem to do is make great music and babies. Nothing wrong with the that! Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Watch Kimbo Slice get knocked out here!

Did you miss Kimbo Slice get knocked out by Seth Petruzelli? If so watch the video below. Kimbo is a bum!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kimbo Slice gets beat in 13 seconds flat!!!

Youtube sensation and street brawler Kimbo Slice was set to fight Ken Shamrock tonight. Ken Shamrock could not fight because he got cut over his eye and therefore a replacement was needed. Seth Petruzelli with a record of 10-4 was the man given the opportunity of a lifetime. Kimbo still had a choice to choose if he wanted to take the fight or not. Kimbo decided he wanted to fight. Kimbo came out, looking all bad ass. Fight bell rang Kimbo came over and got popped over his eye and went down. Seth hammered him with rights and referree stopped the fight. KIMBO SLICE the sensation stopped called in 13 seconds. Kimbo you are the biggest bum in the world. Hope you cashed in on all your fame when you had it because all your fans are gonna jump off the bandwagon now. EliteXC needs to sign Tito Ortiz fast now and maybe they can save the organization now that Kimbo was been exposed as a fraud. Ken Shamrock would have loved to end Kimbo's reign of badass. Now Seth Petruzelli will be known as the man who knocked out Kimbo in 13 seconds.

Hollywood gossip featuring HUGH HEFNER and more

The video below by tv guide features the top 5 hollywood stories. The talk about Hugh Hefner and his troubles with the girls as well as Lauren Conrad clothing getting canned from Kitson's.

Sexy Blonde Kellie Pickler talks about her cd release!

Country music star Kellie Pickler talks to tv guide about her upcoming cd release.
Most people remember this sexy blonde from AMERICAN IDOL. Kellie is releasing her new self-titled CD and single Don't You Know You're Beautiful? Kellie talks about now being considered a sex symbol. I actually love her music, so keep up the great work Kellie!

Blond babe Heather Locklear, set-up or not!

In the video below tv guide talks about actress Heather Locklear. You can hear part of the 911 call made by the rat who called the cops on Heather. The Sexy Blonde babe Heather got arrested after the call made by the rat. However, the rat also called her boyfriends paparazzi agency. Also in the video they talk about HOUSE star Hugh Laurie's house getting burglarized. Sucks for HUGh. Janet Jackson is also discussed in the video about postponing more tour dates. Maybe sales were so bad that this is all a hoax to save face.

Julianne Moore in Blindness! Will you watch?

Sexy actress Julianne Moore has a new movie coming out in theaters on October 3,2008.
Julianne's new movie is called Blindness. The movie looks pretty good to me. I'm gonna try and watch it. Is this a movie you will watch?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kim Kardashian out dancing at One Nightclub

Sexy hot babe Kim Kardashian was out at One Nightclub. Kim has been spotted everywhere this week since being voted off "Dancing with the Stars". I'm assuming Kim was out dancing the night away at One Nightclub. Hopefully she wasn't drinking and driving. Kim also talks about when her perfume will be coming out. Kim signs an autograph for a lucky fan. Will you watch DWTS now that Kim is gone? Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Britney Spears needs a towel to hide from the paparazzi!

Popstar/actress/singer Britney Spears arrived back at LAX airport. Britney was greeted hy the paparazzi. Britney knew it would be a Zoo so she decided to put a towel over her face to shield herself from the paparazzi camera's. Police escorted the singer through the madness. You hear paparazzi shouting towards Britney. Welcome back Britney. Video shot by Hollywoodtv. What do you think should happen when the paparazzi get out of hand?

Lindsay Lohan returns home from her fun in the sun!

Sexy redheaded actress Lindsay Lohan returned home from her recent vacation with Sam Ronson. It seems the 2 ladies had alot of fun in the sun, working on their suntans and showing off their sexy bodies. You can hear Lindsay say near the end of the video "please don't record into the house". Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Sexy Emmy Rossum talks about the Debate

Sexy actress Emmy Rossum showed up to One nightclub but left her money at home. Therefore the sexy starlet had to walk to Red Rock to get some money. Emmy walked with her friend Lilly who is is not dating, even though she made a joke about the paparazzi would say they are dating. Emmy seemed really nice as she talked about the debate. At the end of the video Emmy signed an autograph for a fan. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Courteney Cox needs to reunite with "Friends"

Former Friends star Courteney Cox was spotted leaving II Sole last night. The paparazzi let her know that her husband David Arquette was across the street. Courteney is currently not working on any new shows. Somebody needs to get her Friends co-stars together and do a movie about the former sitcom. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Michelle Monaghan promoting Eagle Eye greets her fans!

Actress Michelle Monaghan was out promoting her new movie Eagle Eye and she made time to greet her fans! Michelle was very nice, signing numerous autographs and posing for pictures. Video was shot by Laphoto2006.

Check out the video of the time I met Michelle's costar in the movie Eagle Eye.
Shia Labouef greets a young fan

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is EVA MENDES "Secret Obsession"?

Sexy Actress Eva Mendes was out in Italy to promote the new calvin klein perfume called "Secret Obsession". Eva looked stunning as always. You can see in the video below Eva smiling and waving. Make sure to check out the time I saw Eva Mendes. I caught her in the act of something naughty.

Video of Celebrities signing autographs @ AFI Night at the Movies

So here is a few pictures I took of the celebrities at AFI night at the Movies. Also below is a video I shot of the celebrities that came over to sign for the fans. Featured in the vide below is Jim Carrey, Jodie Foster, Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz.

Video I shot of AFI Night at the Movies

Kim Kardashian at LAX airport looking great

Sexy babe Kim Kardashian was caught at LAX airport yesterday. Kim always looks stunning, she's best known for her big ass. Kim recently got her ass voted off Dancing with the Stars. Kim was asked what is next for her and asked who she is rooting for now on Dancing with the Stars. To hear who Kim picks you'll have to watch the video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Jessica Simpson causes madness(Paparazzi gone Wild)

First off the video below is insane. Paparazzi gone wild! Jessica Simpson showed up to eat at Madeo Restaurant. What follows next is complete MADNESS. The Paparazzi go completely crazy for the blond bombshell. You hear the paparazzi swearing, arguing, yelling, almost fighting with each other to try and get pics of Jessica Simpson. Jessica's first acting role was in Dukes of Hazzard but this madness is the real Hazzard for Jessica. If you have a comment regarding the Paparazzi gone wild then feel free to leave a comment. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Miley Cyrus gets tanned!! HOT

Singer/actress teenage superstar Miley Cyrus went and got herself a tan yesterday. Miley is turning the sweet 16 on sunday of this weekend and will be shutting down disneyland to have a fun day with family and friends. Do you have any birthday wishes for Miley, if so leave a comment and I will post them for all to see. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Rose McGowan sparkles in a red dress

Sexy actress Rose McGowan was caught leaving Neil George Salon. Rose looked very sexy in a red dress. Rose shows her lipstick off and says "Covergirl". Rose gets asked questions regarding Dancing with the Stars. Rose was formerly on "Charmed" maybe that is why she was so charming on this hot day. To see what Rose had to say then check out the video below which was shot by Hollywoodtv.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hot Blonde Paris Hilton out and about twice!

Nicky Hilton can been seen arriving first to the red carpet premiere of Paris Hilton's BFF. After Nicky you see Paris's parents arrive Rick and Kathy.
Finally Benji Madden shows up with girlfriend Paris Hilton. The paparazzi on the red carpet go absolutely nuts, screaming and yelling at them. How can Paris hear one when all of the photographers go crazy? Video shot by Hollywoodtv

In the video below you can see Paris Hilton out shopping at Maxfield's and Betsey Johnson. Paris says hello to Dubai tv. Also the videographer gets look into Paris's car and you can see she has money in there looks like $100 plus some clothes in the back seat plus what appears to be something white. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Kim Kardashian and family speak about her time on DWTS

Kim Kardashian speaks about her short time on Dancing with the Stars. Kim got the boot last night on DWTS results show. Ratings will plummet now because fans won't be able to see this sexy lady dance. Now that Kim is no longer on the show they will have to see Kim on her show Keeping up with the Kardashians which also stars her 2 sisters. Now that Kim Kardashian is gone from DWTS, is it still worth watching?

Miley Cyrus gets her nails done!

Singer/actress teenage superstar Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana decided to get her nails done yesterday out in LA. Miley gets ambushed by flashes as she comes out of the nail salon by the paparazzi. Could you handle all those flashes and questions from the paparazzi? Is Miley gonna eventually break down and pull a Britney? Time will tell. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Famke Janssen goes under her umbrella to hide from Paparazzi!!!

Rounders actress Famke Janssen was caught arriving to Barney's yesterday. The paparazzi noticed Famke and began to question her. Famke didn't feel like having her picture taken and being questioned so she opened up her red umbrella and hide under it as she walked. The paparazzi guy tries numerous times to get her to talk but to no avail. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

Mark Wahlberg talks about his children

Actor Mark Wahlberg was caught leaving E.Baldi. The paparazzi start asking Mark about his children would he let them go into acting. To here what Mark had to say then check out the video below. Mark was such a nice guy he even posed for a picture with the parking attendant. If your a big fan of Mark then maybe you might wanna watch a movie called "BasketBall Diaries" also stars a young Leo Dicaprio. Video shot by Hollywoodtv.

Nicollette Sheridan jumping for Joy!

Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan was spotted shopping for rugs yesterday. The Sexy Blonde actress was so excited you can see her jumping for joy. Perhaps, she is just happy that Michael Bolton is longer part of her life? Video was shot by Hollywoodtv

Kim Kardashian & Christina Aguilara ROCK!

Kim Kardashian & Christina Aguilara ROCK the Vote party. Both celebrities were attendance. Christina was actually there as the host, she talks about what Rock the Vote means to her and her son. Kim Kardashian was there talking about what it means for her and her family.