Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gerard Butler did he strike a paparazzi?

All Gerard Butler fans unite. As I stated earlier in the day there allegations of Gerard Butler allegedly striking a paparazzi who was tailing him last night after leaving the Crown Bar. Now TMZ has the latest on the story. You can see a picture of the paparazzi scumbag who Gerard Butler supposedly got into an altercation with. This just sounds like a scumbag trying to cash in on a celebrity who bitch slapped him for good reason too. The only thing this scumbag doesn't know is that Gerard Butler may or may not have got him last night, but Gerard's fans will eat that scumbag for lunch to defend Gerry. NOBODY messes with Gerard! Ain't that right ladies? I wonder what celebrity agency employs this scumbag. The agency and the paparazzi scumbag should be charged with Stalking. Leave comments regarding this scumbag paparazzo looking to cash in on Gerard and I'll post them as they come in. Make sure you check out the pics and video from Gerry at Rocknrolla movie premiere that I took myself below.


eve said...

Love your photo shots!!!

jackie said...

You know the guy deserved it noone has the right to invade someones privacy and then say :It's his job". He needs to find a new job. Gerry has always been kind to the paparazzi(except for the occasional finger wave).They however have not returned the favor they jump on him every chance they get just to sell their crummy rags. WE need to start passing stricter laws that govern the paparazzi that stalk actors.