Friday, January 30, 2009

Kristen Bell is so sexy in person!

So on January 29,2009 I was down in Hollywood, california. I came across Sexy actress Kristen Bell (From Heroes and Veronica Mars) arriving to do a tv show taping. Only about 7 fans had gathered to catch Kristen because of a movie premiere going on elsewhere. Kristen came over for the lucky group of fans and chatted up a storm as she talked about her upcoming projects. Kristen posed for photos with all the fans and signed some fast autographs. She was such a nice and beautiful lady. I had heard that she can sometimes be mean but she was totally cool and down to earth. Hope to meet her again sometime. Check out the short video I shot of her talking with the fans below. CAREFUL SHE LOOKS HOT!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time to Meetthefamous!

Hello all celebrity fans around the world. I'm out in Los Angeles now bringing all celebrity fans videos and pictures of famous celebrities. Have you heard about this awesome site called The site is the only place that pays people for posting there celebrity material. I've been posting alot of my celebrity material there and have been pretty successful. It is alot of hard work but if you the fans love the celebrities then i'm sure you'll love my work. I've got videos of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Leona Lewis, Gerard Butler and many many more. I update pretty often so make sure you check out the link below. It is a link to my profile on the site. I hope you like my work as I do it for all the fans to see, so spread the word!


WatchMen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan spends time with his adoring fans.

So recently I had the pleasure to meet actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jeffrey is best known for being on the hit tv show Grey's Anatomy. Jeffrey also starred in P.S I love you with Gerard Butler. Now I caught Jeffrey leaving a tv show taping down in Hollywood, California. Jeffrey was such a classy guy as he came over and signed numerous autographs for fans. Jeffrey also did some photo-ops with some lucky fans. Jeffrey better get used to all the attention from fans because once his new movie hits theatres later in the spring of 2009 "The Watchmen" he will be mobbed everywhere he goes. I believe Jeffrey is on the verge of superstardom with this movie and I personally can't wait to see it! How about you?

Babes battle it out for your votes on Bitegirl

Have you heard about the battle of the babes going on over at BiteGirl.

Bite Girl is BITE's interactive monthly female co-host contest in which two hot trash talking competitors go head to head 2 head & toe 2 toe in a UFC styled vignette vying for your votes. This month battling it out is
ELLA ROSE vs Sylvia. Check out the clip below that I found on youtube to see the babes and the promo clip. Once you check out the clip you will see that hands down ELLA ROSE should be the winner. I already cast my vote for ELLA ROSE. Have you? If not follow the link to cast your votes. Deadline is this friday. Make sure to leave comments on this story to show who your supporting!

Friday, January 16, 2009

David Cook talks about his brother with fans

This is a video I shot of last year's American Idol winner David Cook. David was down in hollywood to do a tv show taping and to do an outdoor concert to promote his cd. David was on his way to get some fast supper when he took the time to interact with all his fans. David talks about his brother and a bunch of other stuff. This was the first time I met David and he was very very nice towards all his fans. If you like this video then make sure you check my other 2 videos I shot of David on this night by following the link. In the other 2 videos you see David signs an autograph on a really nice car as well as he climbs the fence like Spider-Man to sign for a fan.

Michael Strahan discusses the Eagles/Cardinals/Ravens/Steelers

This is a video I shot a few nights ago of Former Nfl player Michael Strahan. Michael talks about football and the Nfl playoffs. Watch the video to find out who Michael likes out of the remaining teams in this year's playoffs.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mats Sundin set to make Canucks Debut

Well first off I'm a big Leafs fan for the last 22 years. Tonight Mats Sundin former captain of the Maple Leafs is set to make his Vancouver Canucks Debut against the Edmonton Oilers. Many Maple Leaf fans remember the day Mats was brought into Toronto when Cliff Fletcher traded Clark to Quebec for Mats Sundin. During his time with the Leafs Mats Sundin became the all-time points leader in Maple Leaf History so he did have success. Mats was never able to lead the Leafs to the Stanley Cup during his time in Leaf Nation. Many Toronto Maple Leaf fans have been hostile towards Mats for not waving his No-Trade Clause last spring. Cliff Fletcher had asked Sundin to waive his No-trade clause so that the Leafs could trade Sundin for some draft picks and possible future players. Mats said No which was right to do so. Mats always seemed like a true team player and always seemed like he wanted nothing more to bring the Stanley Cup to Toronto. Having said that, Mats left this past off-season for greener pastures out in Vancouver. If Mats loved the city of Toronto and the fans that support Leaf Nation then Mats should have waived his no-trade clause last year. Cliff would have been able to get a good return for him. Mats was selfish. Mats chose last year not to abandon ship as the leafs failed to make the playoffs for the 3rd straight year. The Maple Leaf brass have honoured Wendel Clark and are set to do the same for Doug Gilmour in the near future. When Sundin is all done with the game of hockey and the Maple Leaf Brass honour him for being the Leafs all time leading scorer will you the fans cheer him on? Or will you boo him? I lost all respect for Mats when he refused to help the leafs out. The Honour I think Mats Sundin deserves from Leaf Nation is a one finger salute. IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN.