Saturday, October 25, 2008

UFC 90 PATRICK "the Predator" COte injured

Yes I'm Canadian Originally and I have been a big fan of Patrick the Predator Cote since his TKO days. Tonight was to be Patrick's night as he had a chance to face Anderson the spider Silva. Nobody and I mean Nobody gave the Canadian fighter a chance to get past the first round. Patrick not only stood his ground but also seemed to be in Silva's head for his knockout power. The fight lasted into the 3rd round as I would say it was 1-1 in rounds. However, bad break for Patrick Cote as he blew out his knee just about 1 minute into the 3 round. Patrick is the first guy in a long time to last that long with Anderson Silva. You could hear Patrick apologizing after the fight but my only hope is that Dana White gives this Canadian one more shot. No one expected this fight to go past the first round. I was rooting for Patrick and all but no one could have expected him to make it into round 3. Too bad for Patrick that his knee blew out because IF he was gonna lose I wanted it to be better then that. Patrick showed how much he has improved because alot of MMA fighters would have been out in the first round against Silva. Let's hope Patrick recovers quickly and that the UFC president Dana White gives Patrick a rematch. I think he earned it. Let me know your opinions on the fight and whether or not Patrick the Predator Cote deserves another go at the title.

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