Friday, October 31, 2008

Eva Longoria is she a desperate housewife?

In the video below is Actress Eva Longoria from ABC hit tv show Desperate Housewives. Eva can be seen leaving the Blackberry Party in Beverly Hills. What's funny is Eva's husband Tony Parker is no where to be seen. However, Eva's good friend Mario Lopez can be seen leaving with Eva. I'm not sure if Mario got into the car with Eva or not. Eva and Tony seem to have a good loving marriage going. I just think it is strange that Mario always seems to be around. I wonder if when Tony Parker is gone alot for the NBA season if Eva Longoria-Parker turns into a Desperate Housewife? Perhaps Mario Lopez is there to fill in for Tony? What do you think about this relationship between Eva and Mario? Are they strictly friends? Perhaps they are friends with benefits? Let me know by leaving a comment. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

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