Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gerard Butler video site

Well I know alot of people love scottish actor Gerard Butler. I've seen him 3 times since moving out to Los Angeles. Gerard Butler is always nice to his fans and has alot of fans around the world. I recently saw Gerard at RocknRolla Los Angeles premiere where I was able to get photo's and video of him. You can check those out in some previous posts. I just wanted to let all the Gerard Butler fans know that I recently added some more great Gerard Butler videos that I found online and linked them to the http://hotscotGerardButlervideos.magnify.net which is the video widget off to the right of this blog. What's great about the Gerry video site is that it has alot of great Gerard Butler moments from past interviews, movie trailers featuring Gerry and so on. This site also allows fans to upload there own Gerry videos that they come across and wish to add to the site. Make sure to check it out and feel free to add any great Gerard Butler clips you come across that are not already on the site. Check back often I try to find new great Gerry clips weekly!!!

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