Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kimbo Slice gets beat in 13 seconds flat!!!

Youtube sensation and street brawler Kimbo Slice was set to fight Ken Shamrock tonight. Ken Shamrock could not fight because he got cut over his eye and therefore a replacement was needed. Seth Petruzelli with a record of 10-4 was the man given the opportunity of a lifetime. Kimbo still had a choice to choose if he wanted to take the fight or not. Kimbo decided he wanted to fight. Kimbo came out, looking all bad ass. Fight bell rang Kimbo came over and got popped over his eye and went down. Seth hammered him with rights and referree stopped the fight. KIMBO SLICE the sensation stopped called in 13 seconds. Kimbo you are the biggest bum in the world. Hope you cashed in on all your fame when you had it because all your fans are gonna jump off the bandwagon now. EliteXC needs to sign Tito Ortiz fast now and maybe they can save the organization now that Kimbo was been exposed as a fraud. Ken Shamrock would have loved to end Kimbo's reign of badass. Now Seth Petruzelli will be known as the man who knocked out Kimbo in 13 seconds.

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