Friday, October 17, 2008

Mark Wahlberg pictures & video greeting his fans

Actor Mark Wahlberg was out in Hollywood promoting his new movie "Max Payne". Mark was at a tv show and arrived a little late so he told the fans that he would sign autographs later. After the taping Mark kept his word and came over to sign autographs for around 25 fans that had assembled. Mark said "I gotta make it fast I gotta get home to my babies". Even after saying that Mark made sure that all fans got an autograph or picture with him. Mark showed no "Fear" as he allowed many fans to get up close and personal. This was my first time meeting the man and I must say he is a really nice guy and treats his fans well. My all time favorite movie or Mark Wahlberg is Basketball Diaries also starring Leo Dicaprio. I look forward to watching Max Payne in the near future. Below is a video clip of Mark greeting all the fans shot by Hollywoodtv. I'm the guy with the Dewalt hat and got a picture with Mark. Thanks Mark, till next time!

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