Friday, April 24, 2009

American Idol Scott MacIntyre already forgotten

Last night when I was down in Hollywood awaiting Elisha Cuthbert to arrive to a tv show taping I noticed American Idol star Scott MacIntyre. Scott MacIntyre was being lead down the back alley by his brother and entourage. At that point none of the other fans realized who he was so I started shooting pictures of Scott. After getting a few pictures I wanted some video and told Scott that he did a great job on this years American Idol. Scott was gracious. After Scott walked by the rest of the fans they finally realized who he was and then a few fans wanted to get some pictures with the American Idol cast-off. Scott was cool and stopped to pose for a picture with a fan who was in a wheel-chair. I was rooting for Scott on the show, because he was a great singer and he is visually impaired. Scott came in 8th on the American Idol but thats good enough to get him on the American Idol tour. If you have a chance to see them perform you should. Check out the short video of Scott meet and greet with fans below. There is a link in the video info to some pictures that I took, have a look at those as well.

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