Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hugh Jackman get his Hands and Feet put in cement

April 21,2009 I just got back from the Hugh Jackman getting his hands and feet put in cement down in front of Graumann's Chinese Theater. Alot of fans were on hand to cheer on the Wolverine actor on his big day. The Australian born actor even had some diehard fans arrive all the way from Australia. I was lucky enough to get there early and get a great spot front row on the bleahers to shoot video of the event. I'll have video up of the event shortly. Let me know how much of a fan you are of Hugh Jackman by leaving me some comments! You can see some of the great photos I took of Hugh by following this link http://meetthefamous.com/photos-videos/details.php?story=8157

Hugh Jackman arrives to his hands and Feet ceremony

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