Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gerard Butler

Well I'm wondering if anyone has any information on Gerard Butler's next movie premiere's. I know they usually post the info in advance but he must be due to have something out soon. I always love taking pics and video of Gerry because he is always funny and entertaining the times i have seen him. If any of Gerard Butler fans have any info and wanna share it with me, leave me a comment on this story.
Till we meet again Gerry!


Anonymous said...

His next movie opening is The Ugly Truth on July 24th, but I don't know the premiere date.

Anonymous said...

"The Ugly Truth" opens in theaters on July 24, and typically, premieres are held the week prior to that. So the TUT premiere should be on our around July 16-17-18, most likely in that time frame. As far as I know, the exact date for the premiere has not been announced as yet, but should be soon.