Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miley(Diva) Cyrus too sick to receive gift from Fan

So last night I chose to go to the Los Angeles movie premiere of Bolt. What a crappy premiere. Miley didn't make much time for her fans that had been waiting out for her since 2pm in the afternoon. The premiere didn't start till 6pm. A young girl had made a gift basket to give to Miley. However, Miley claiming to be sick with the flu did not come over to her fans near the entrance side of the building. Miley had already posed for a couple photos on the other side. The young girl was unable to give Miley the gift basket and the young girl's mom was none to pleased. Stating no more buying any Hanna Montana or Miley Cyrus products. So I wanna know is Miley Cyrus a young Diva? Sick or not I think she could have come over at least waved so fans could get a nice picture of her. This is twice I seen her and she is a diva both times.

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