Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jessica Simpson rushes to a Hospital!

Sexy Blonde singer, actress Jessica Simpson was out and about last night in Los Angeles. Jessica and her hair stylist Ken Paves decided to eat supper at the paparazzi hide out known as Madeo restaurant. Jessica and Ken had their supper and when they decided to leave Ken was trying to escort Jessica through the massive paparazzi crunch. Ken accidently got clipped by one of the paparazzi camera's and Jessica had her driver take him to the Hospital. Jessica then actually took Ken into the hospital. What do you think about the paparazzi madness? I'm all for taking celebrity pictures calmly. You always hear about paparazzi suing the celebrities for getting their foot run over or camera damaged, so why doesn't Ken sue the paparazzo whose camera struck him? Let me know what you think, should KEN sue or not? Video was shot by Hollywoodtv

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