Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Hangover is a must see movie!

Hello all movie fans. I went on opening day to see the Hangover in the theaters. I'm the type of person that it takes alot to make me laugh. Well going in I was thinking this movie looks good but will likely suck having shown us all the good funny parts in the previews. Well boy was I wrong! The movie has Sexy Heather Graham, Mike Tyson, Bradley Cooper, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Zach Galifiankis. I recently had the pleasure to meet Heather Graham, Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong and I met Bradley a few months ago. Now back to my review, well The Hangover starts off explaining the story. After about 15 mins its starts to pick up. The movie is filled with numerous laughs as it even brought tears to my eyes at one part. Mike Tyson's role is small but pretty good and funny. The ending is terrific and make sure you check this movie out in theatres. At the end of the movie the fans even clapped they were so happy with The Hangover! Sequel please! Check out my video of Heather below and check out my youtube page LACurls93 to see the Ken Jeong and Bradley Cooper videos.

SEXY Heather Graham video

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