Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paris Hilton gets Booed by fans leaving Jimmy Kimmel show June 9,2009

Well Paris Hilton was down in Hollywood on June 9,2009 at the Jimmy Kimmel show. I went to try and see the sexy blonde in person. Paris arrived close to show time so she got rushed in which you can see in my video. Her assistant or publicist said to all the fans that Paris would sign autographs on the way out. So now the fans had a few hours to wait for Paris to come back out. Finally the sexy blonde Paris Hilton came out. Fans began to shout madly for Paris to come over to them. Paris ran towards them waving and then bolted for the gate to her awaiting SUV. Fans then began to BOO her loudly. I heard that Paris was in a hurry to catch the end of the Lakers game at a nearby restaurant. Anyways here is the link to my video of the fans booing her

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