Monday, June 15, 2009

Liv Tyler nearly gets upskirted

So this is a video of sexy actress Liv Tyler. I personally love Liv Tyler and have been a big fan of hers for a while. I thought she was terrific in Armaggedon and Stealing Beauty and the newest edition of Hulk. Now in the video Hollywoodtv catches Liv Tyler out shopping in Los Angeles. Everything is going fine Liv and her friend exit Confederacy to go to their vehicle. Now Liv's friend is gonna drive so the paparazzi go to where Liv gets in the passenger seat. As Liv gets in you can see she is wearing a skirt and holding a drink and gets in the passenger side door. You can see the one paparazzi run to his right once he noticed he had a chance to upskirt Liv Tyler. By the looks of it, he likely missed the shot but you just never know. Have a look for yourself in the video and then let me know your opinions on the camera guy as you see he definately tried to upskirt her.

Liv Tyler nearly becomes victim of paparazzi upskirt pics

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