Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blast from the past with Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan

Here is a great video of 2 sexy actresses. The interview was taken just before the movie Confessions of a Teenage DramaQueen back in 2004. Back when this video was shot everyone knew of Lindsay Lohan. The up and comer in the movie was a very sexy Megan Fox. The 2 starlets didn't really get along because Lindsay was being a diva. Well now everyone knows both actresses but one is way more popular then the other. Megan Fox is currently recongized as the sexiest women alive. While Megan currently gets movies like Transformer's and the sequel little Lindsay Lohan gets D-list roles that are not even worth mentioning. It just goes to show you how Hollywood can turn on you in a second. Your the It girl one day and nothing the next ain't that right Lindsay. Make sure you check this video out of the 2 starlets Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan. Let me know which one you think was hotter back in 2004. I think it is Megan Fox all the way!

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