Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Cook is a man on a mission

Paparazzi caught one of the former American Idol winners David Cook leaving the CNN studio's in Los Angeles. They asked David about his thoughts on David Letterman apology to Sarah Palin which has to be one of the stupidest questions you can ask him. Of course, David states he has no opinion on it, he doesn't give a rats ass about it. I think they should have asked him about his career and how he plans to rise to the top of the music charts to honor his fallen brother who recently passed away. That would have got a comment from the man. Anyways after the first time I personally met David Cook i've become an even bigger fan of his. The dude is a class act, treats his fans great, engages in meaningful conversation like he actually cares about what you have to talk to him about. I can only wish that this good fellow someday finds the top of the music charts with his great songs and voice. Tell me about an encounter you had with David or just tell me why your his biggest fan by leaving comments. Video shot by Hollywoodtv

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