Friday, February 13, 2009

Fan swears at Matthew McConaughey for refusing to do a photo-op!

This is a must see video of a fan spewing venom towards Matthew McConaughey for refusing a photo-op. This video of actor Matthew McConaughey was shot on february 12,2009. Matthew was down in Hollywood,california doing a tv show taping, he was a special guest on the show. Matthew arrived late so he didn't have time for the fans on the way in. Some fans had waited 3 hours for his arrival. So now the fans would have to wait for Matthew to come out after the show and hopefully he would have time then to sign autographs and pose for photos. After waiting about 2.5 hours finally Matthew emerged. It was a cold night too down in hollywood but now the fans finally had something to get excited about as Matthew was coming over for them. Matthew signed autographs and posed for some fast photos before i started this video. So after Matthew went from one side to the other side of the fans getting as many of them as possible Matthew then said " I gotta get home to the family" which is the case because he has a young baby named Levi and the mom (Camilla). One lady fan who didn't get a photo-op tries to entice Matthew with some weed and girls. When that doesn't work she completely loses it and begins cussing and calling him a "Dick". Some swearing is involved so be warned! Moral to the story is if you arrive early you usually get something, arrive late like this fan and you get left out in the cold. If you have any comments about this, be sure to let me know what you think of this wacked out fan!
FAN goes off on Matthew McConaughey

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