Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Justin Long holds fans baby

This is a video I shot at the He's just not that into you premiere in Los Angeles. Actor Justin Long had already come over to sign autographs once. Now after arrivals i was lingering around and a group of fans had been calling Justin to come back over so i got myself near them in case he did. Justin being a fan favorite obliged by running over again to sign some autographs and take photos. Now the funny thing is one mother wanted Justin to see her baby, Justin finally did and the mom passed the baby his way. Justin carefully took the baby and held him for a photo-op. You can see Justin was a little overwhelmed by it all. I'm sure his agent would not have been too happy about the whole thing because if something bad had happened Justin would face a lawsuit. Luckily everything went well and Justin just proved what a class act he really is. Too bad Drew Barrymore and Justin never had a baby together! Leave comments and make sure you check out the video below of Justin holding the little baby.


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