Friday, February 6, 2009

Ted Danson aka Sam "May Day" Malone shopping video

What can I say about this video? Well other then it features one of my all time favorite actors Ted Danson.

Most remember Ted as the funny and charming character from "Cheers" where he played Sam "May Day" Malone. I caught up with Ted as he was shopping out on Robertson blvd a little while back. Ted was his cool and casual self as he answered my question about Kelsey Grammer. Since I've moved out to Los Angeles I've had the chance to meet the guy who played Norm(George Wendt) and Carla(Rhea Pearlman). I still watch reruns of Cheers because Sammy and the gang always make me laugh.
I don't know about all the other fans but Ted Danson sure seems like the kinda guy you could have a couple of cold beers with and never have a boring conversation.
Cheers to you Ted! Let's hope he doesn't stay retired!

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