Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meetthefamous celebrities I've seen

About a month ago I did a post about a site that I use. It is a celebrity site called www.meetthefamous.com. It truly is a great site. It allows average people to post there celebrity photos and video and do a story with them. Whats great about this site is you can link your work around as you can see by watching some of my videos here I originally posted them on meetthefamous.com and linked them into my blog. I have alot more celebrity videos over at the site and as well as some great celebrity photos of people like Angelina Jolie among others. You can view all of my great work by clicking this link it will take you to user profile on the site. I really do love hearing from fans that enjoy my work so If you like my work please leave a comment/opinion. So again follow this link to all my best work.

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