Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jonas Brothers video surprising their fans in Hollywood

Tonight I was down in Hollywood at a tv show taping when alot of security guards started to show up. I heard one of the guards talking about the Jonas brothers. I knew that Jonas brothers had been in Hollywood twice already this week promoting their "3D concert Experience" so I didn't think they would be in town still. Well I was wrong because after about 30 mins the 3 Jonas Brothers, Joe,Kevin, Nick arrived to a movie theatre to surpise their fans that were watching the 3D concert Experience. I caught them waving on the way in and on the way out with only about 10 fans knowing the Jonas Brothers were around, they came out. The couple of diehard Jonas fans that were there yelled for the boys to come over and sign. Instead the Jonas Brothers sent over their very BIG bodyguards to gather up the girls and young kids, only way adults got to go is if they had kids. I do not so I wasn't allowed to go meet the Jonas Brothers behind the security fence so I ran around and tried to get some better video for the fans to watch. Unfortunately, I was being told by security that I had to return to my previous spot that is why the video is not the best.

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