Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WatchMen Los angeles premiere footage

Last night on March 2,2009 was the Los Angeles movie premiere for the Watchmen starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I caught Jeffrey's arrival and one of his biggest fans was in the crowd hoping he would come over to her. This fan had made a P.S I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan sign, Jeffrey was in the movie P.S I love You. I had met Jeffrey a few months back and new that this guy was a class act so I knew he would come over to this hardcore fan of his. Well fans were chanting for Jeffrey to come over and like the good guy he is he decided to cross the street to greet his fans. Jeffrey veered to our right and his hardcore fan was pleading with him to come over to her. I really thought this fan was gonna faint, she was starting to hyperventilate. Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan came over, signed her sign that she had made and then posed for a picture with her as well and I got it all on video. Check it out below.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan nearly causes fan to pass out at WatchMen premiere

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