Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spotting Celebs in Los Angeles

So your taking a trip to Los Angeles, California and are hoping to spot some celebrities. Well, there are many options to finding celebs out in Los Angeles. One of the best spots to spot a celebrity is at a local starbucks or CoffeeBean. You can visit a star unveiling or movie premiere if there is one going on. This is always the most easiest way to see celebrities. Usually most are friendly at these type of events because they are promoting something. You can always visit Robertson blvd where numerous celebrities attend The Ivy restaurant or News Room Cafe for lunch. Also while on Robertson you might catch someone famous shopping at Kitsons. Perhaps you wanna go by the beautiful beaches of Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu. These are always celebrity hangout on Hot Los Angeles summer days. You'll have to be good at spotting on the beaches though. At night you can catch celebrities arriving to numerous LA restaurants, including Katsuya, Beso, Mr.Chows, Dan Tana's, Madeo. That is just a small list. If you see autograph collectors and or paparazzi you can bet someone is usually inside. Remember most collectors and paparazzi wont reveal who is inside because they don't want you to block there shot when the celebrity comes out. Anyways, best of luck spotting a celebrity while out in Los Angeles. If you take a picture of them and wanna share it fans of my site feel free to email it into me.

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