Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denise Richards has her dancing shoes burned

So last night I caught Denise Richards arriving to a tv show taping after being voted off Dancing with the Stars. Denise was looking super sexy on this evening. While at the tv talk show Denise had her Dancing shoes from Dancing with the Stars set on fire. I feel bad for Denise, she obviously went on Dancing with the Stars to try and ignite her career again. Her reality show "It's Complicated" was a bust(let's hope the second season is better then the first) and with no acting work going on Dancing with the Stars was to help in that department. I think America had it wrong by voting off Denise, there are numerous worse dancers on the show. Well I shot video of Denise and took a great picture of her looking sexy in a yellow dress. You can view both by checking out my Let me know if you think Denise deserved to last longer then she did.

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