Friday, March 20, 2009

Paris Hilton caught at nightclub with Amanda Bynes sloppy seconds

Last night I caught the one and only Blonde Heiress Paris Hilton arriving and leaving from a new Hollywood hotspot. When Paris arrived she took along her new boytoy Doug Reinhardt. Doug used to date actress Amanda Bynes. Now because it was Paris there was a huge amount of paparazzi. I decided to shoot video of the whole madness as you can see Paris arriving. Doug was there but I'm not even sure I managed to get him in the video as all you could see was bright lights and flashes from all the camera's. You can also see the departure of Paris with all the same drama. Check out the link to watch the video for yourself
If you have anything to say about either Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes or Doug Reinhardt feel free to express your opinions on them.

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