Friday, March 20, 2009

Mario Lopez needs to be Saved from crazy fan

Extra Extra, last night on March 19,2009 I caught Extra tv host Mario Lopez leaving the Katsuya restaurant down in Hollywood,california. Now Mario is best remembered as Slater on the tv show Saved by the Bell. Some people will also remember that Mario was on Dancing with the Stars. When Mario finally decides to leave he is greeted by a big group of paparazzi which is usual. What happens next is totally crazy and Mario basically gets ambushed by a crazy fan who wanted to have her photo taken with Mario Lopez. Now funny thing is Mario was willing to do it but all the paparazzi didn't want to shoot a picture with her camera. Mario decides he can't wait and is about to leave then she tries again. You'll have to follow the link to my video of the whole crazy ordeal and check out for yourself if the fan finally got her photo with the one and only Mario Lopez. Follow this link.
Once you check out the funny video clip make sure you leave comments letting me know what you think of this fan.

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Anonymous said...

Curls 93, by the way as far as that Mario Lopez video, I was a fan not a STALKER. I wasn't plannning on having his babies or looking for a sperm donation. Come on it was freakin' Slater, and he was super fine. Next, time I will hunt yo u down so that u and I can take a picture together, there will that satisfy you.

Have a nice day, c u soon!!!