Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Kids on the Block video from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show

So you've been a diehard New Kids on the Block fan since you were a young girl and never had the chance to see them. Well tonight I caught the New Kids on the Block arriving to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on March 2,2009. Most of the members arrived at various times throughout the day and none of them had time for their fans before their free live outdoor concert(a few songs). During this time I had time to find out where some of the ladies were from, some came from Seattle, some came from Las Vegas. After the New Kids on the Block did their performance it got crazy, as all the fans that watched the free concert now were with the autograph and picture fans hoping to see the New Kids on the Block come over. Well the only nice guy out of the bunch to sign for the fans was Donnie Wahlberg. Now Donnie not only signed for fans, fast as it was but Donnie even swapped a little spit with two lucky young ladies through the fence. If your a fan of the New Kids on the block I wanna hear feedback from you on whether or not you would have kissed Donnie through the fence.

DONNIE WAHLBERG kisses two lucky fans


Myka said...

I'm a big fan...not a Donnie girl so I probably wouldn't want to kiss but I guarentee you there are plenty of girls who would.

Deborah W. Halasz said...

I was on the side where they were doing the taping earlier in the day!