Friday, March 27, 2009

Alanis Morissette fan comment

UPDATE: my anonymous fan has once again contacted me, read the latest comment on this story, Let me know if you wanna post your photo with ALanis that you took on my blog, you still would own the rights, i would do a story with it. thanks for reading!

To the anonymous fan who keeps leaving me messages. Check the Alanis Morissette comment to see what this person left as a comment. First off I did not want an autograph of her on my arm that is someone else that I know that gets celebrity autographs made into tattoo's. What I wanted was a picture with her because I was a fan of hers way back when she was an up and comer. I saw Alanis years ago perform at a Canadian football game of the Ottawa Roughriders singing her first song that put her on the map. AND NO its not from Jagged little Pill cd its before that. Having been blown off for a photo on the way in I knew she would not sign on the way out and definately would not stop to take a photo now that paparazzi cameras were everywhere. When I caught her arrival there were only 4 people, myself, 2 graphers and one photographer. I have seen Alanis now a few times out and about and I can saw from my experiences that she is not very friendly. I still liked her but after this last time, I no longer like her. So make sure you read the story, watch the video and then leave your comments. And i also don't stalk the celebrities I go to public outings and get pictures or video of them there. All the best my anonymous friend and I look forward to hearing back from you even if you don't know what your talking about!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh ok so you wasn't the screaming girl. Sorry then. I've watched the video and I saw smiling Alanis saying "thank you guys" and ignoring you and that screaming girl. Maybe she had a reason to do that?

Anyway with my comment I've tried to tell (sorry English isn't my native lang) that I just don't get why people bashing celebrities after they don't get an autograph or a photo with them. Of course it's disapointing cause you are waiting but...oh well

P.S. I don't know about Alanis so much but I'm fan of her music and I like her as a person. I've met Alanis once (after a concert after hours of waiting) and she signed tons of CDs for fans and she was really nice and down to earth. I even have a pic with her from that night. I guess I was lucky man. But even if she wouldn't sign anything or take a pic with me I wouldn't stop to be fan of her. But I guess that's a difference between fans and "fans" only for a photo or a sign.

Have a nice day. Anonymous reader of your blog.