Friday, April 18, 2008

Patricia Heaton has to pay $$$ to destroy her own pictures

Well I attended the 7th Annual comedy for a cure which was held at Avalon down in Hollywood, California on April 6, 2008. Everything was going fine, the celebrities were arriving and signing autograph's for the few fans that were in attendance. Teri Hatcher, James Denton, Greg Grunberg and many others were in attendance for this great event. Well things got a little sticky when Patricia Heaton arrived. The fans began to ask her for her autograph and she seemed to be happy and started to sign. However, she saw a couple of pictures that she said were illegal so she grabbed them out of a fan's hand and had them destroyed, ripped up. The fan claiming that each picture was worth $5 each was upset and decided that he would call the police. The police arrive and have to decide if Patricia was wrong or not in destroying the 6 pictures. The police came to the conclusion that Patricia Heaton had to pay $30 for the 6 pictures that she had destroyed. I was able to get video footage of the whole thing going down and you can see it on look under curls93. Hopefully soon i can figure out how to put the video's on my blog for the fans to check out directly with the story. Thanks for your patience and feel free to comment on the story..

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