Sunday, April 20, 2008

George "Rush" St.Pierre celebrates in Montreal at UFC 83

Well last night was a great night for Canada. It was the first ever pay per view event held in Canada by the UFC(Ulimate Fighting Championship). The event was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Bell center in Montreal. The headline matchup of the event was Canada's own George "Rush" St.Pierre vs Matt Serra. Serra having dethroned St.Pierre the last time these two fighter's fought was the UFC middleweight champion going in. The crowd was rocking, as the 2 fighter's made their way to the ring the crowd was going crazy for George. As for Matt Serra they booed his entrance into the ring. At the start of the fight George took down Serra and began to ground and pound him for much of the round. Serra was able to get up around 1 minute to go in the first but George put him back on his back. Serra survived the first. For the second round it was more of the same, a quick flurry and Serra was on his back. The referree ended up stopping the fight after St.Pierre was continually striking Serra. The crowd went absolutely crazy when George won and was declared the winner and new middleweight UFC champion of the world. George "RUSH" St.Pierre. It was great because he really deserved the win . It also validated Tito "the Huntington Beach badboy" Ortiz's prediction when i had the chance to ask him who he thought would win the fight. He had told me George. If you would like to see what Tito had to say you can view the video at then you type in curls93. Please bear with me till i figure how to link my videos directly to my blog. On a last note, congrats to George "Rush" St. Pierre on being a 2 time champion in the UFC.

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