Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zack Taylor & Layla shop on Robertson Blvd

I took these two photos of Zack Taylor ( and his very sexy companion Layla as they shopped on Robertson Blvd on may 20,2008. Layla was dressed in a very sexy outfit in all yellow as you can see in the above pictures. She had heads turning on Robertston Blvd. Zack and Layla were in Los Angeles to cover the finals of American Idol. I had arranged to show them Robertson blvd. Zack and Layla could not wait to spend there money. They both ended up buying a few items as you can see in the pics they have the bags of goodies to prove it. Once they were done shopping we headed to the Ivy restaurant located on Robertson Blvd for lunch. The Ivy is a celebrity hangout as it is pretty expensive for the average person. Ex. Cheeseburger and fries was about $30. However, the food was great and we had a great time. You can see other pictures over on Zack's website ( as well as some video that was shot by a paparazzi known as LaPhoto2006. So thanks for lunch Zack, it is not every day i get to eat like the rich and famous.

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