Friday, May 23, 2008

Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen ready for "Moment of Truth"

Well this is a pic i recently snapped of actress Denise Richards. You can see she looked stunning in this blue dress. Denise was out promoting her new show that is coming out "Its Complicated". In the show it will feature Denise and her 2 daughters. Everyone has been blogging that Denise should not be using the girls in the show. I say why not, she is the mom right. Would you rather Denise leave the kids with a babysitter while she films the show or worse leave them with Charlie Sheen. These exlovebirds(Denise & Charlie) have been having a war of words, basically it is a he said, she said thingy going on about an e-mail about Charlie's sperm! Charlie claims Denise sent an e-mail asking for Charlie's sperm for another kid. Denise claims the e-mail is a fake. I say go on Fox's hit show "Moment of Truth" which involves a lie detector and resolve the matter once and for all. I wanna know who the liar has been.

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